Big Brother Naija 2022: INTERVIEWS WITH AMAKA AND MODELLA | Big Brother Naija LEVEL UP | Big Brother Naija SEASON 7 | ELIJAH GLORY

Big Brother Naija 2022: INTERVIEWS WITH AMAKA AND MODELLA | Big Brother Naija LEVEL UP | Big Brother Naija SEASON 7 | GLORY ELIJAH Binge…


  1. Groovy, Groovy, who made this guy a standard and did he ever want Amaka, why all this shipment and relationship, everybody in the house are there for the money and at the end of the day, it is all man for themselves.

  2. Only if she could’ve displayed this kind of reasoning, maturity and tranquility during her stay in the house, she would still be in there.

  3. In one of her interviews,she said she was really mad that she just had to pretend when she was entering the show so it doesn't spoil her stay,Amaka hasn't forgotten that incident with groovy and phyna,she still bears grudges with phyna,that is why she isn't rooting for her friend to win.still again her emotions are in control of her

  4. Amaka does not owe Phyna any allegiance, mrs groovy is only loyal to groovy now , and she doesnt realize that that's what will make her lose . Its like groovy scattered her brain .

  5. If Modella says she realized she was going to be a fake HS right before entering the show, I feel like if she went along with Biggi plan she would’ve stayed long in the group and still showcase her talent and enjoy the house…

  6. Modella is a fake housemate, to me whatever she thinks or say doesn't count. .Amaka is strong to be able to face media . She is talking too much, she should let Groove and Phyna be, whether is real or not and above all Groove never wanted her. Amaka she moved on.

  7. I guess am the only one that has a different opinion on Amaka's interview…She saying Phyna Collected her man and that she sent her to gossip and then was shutting her up is her being vindictive.i pray She and Phyna never become friends again.. everyother thing is not my business.

  8. Wishing Maki Billion all d best moving forward. Modella no knw wetin she go do for BBN.
    Thanks Glory for d update. Work no let person see road. Wishing you all d best this New Month.

  9. The way modella said she was only told before going on stage she is a fake housemate make sense
    Same thing happened to pere last year
    If you watch maria intro to stage you could see she was rushed

  10. Amaka answered her questions well, I will give that to her but she needs to come to terms with her decision of going past Groovy/ Phyna issue and be friends and stop the "Phyna betrayed me narration " OR declare no friendship with Phyna and keep the energy and root for Hermes or whoever she roots for as a winner. Because no one including Phyna would want a friendship with someone who will constantly remind u of how u offended them every single sec. About Modella, its clear she is a wannabe and will always be on her high horse.

  11. I am happy Amaka is answering questions maturely she made even the interviewers laugh, Modella might see herself as a big geh even before she entered the house that humility isn't there to my observation that could be the reason she behaves that way I was even wondering why she was pressing her phone during the media tour 🤷

  12. I also think for every season there has to be a house mate that gets evicted suddenly in few weeks….kim Oprah for instance. But it is well.

  13. Swears I honestly got tired of Modella on the show..
    As for Amaka I keep missing everyday on my scree🥺❤️❤️..
    I love 'em both regardless

  14. When phyna comes out and hears amakar explanation to their issue with groovy and tht she dnt want her to win thr is no way phyna will want to keep her frdship.

  15. I’m hoping that Amaka makes positive use of the experiences and exposure she got from the show to improve herself. You’re good with your analysis, keep it up 👍

  16. I now understand Modella …. A proper brief should have been given to her early enough so that she would accept or decline. A failure on the producers and organisers. Glory – individuals are different

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