Big Brother Naija 2022: ”I’m not ready for a polyamorous relationship” | Pulse One on One #shorts

Allysyn, an evicted roommate from Big Brother Naija Level Up, says she’s not prepared for a polyamorous relationship. Hermes, who admitted to having two girlfriends outside the home but taking an interest in Allysyn, was known to be her boyfriend while living in the Big Brother Naija Level Up House. What will happen to their love life once Hermès leaves the house? She’s definitely not prepared for a polyamorous relationship, despite our best speculations. By definition, people who have several romantic relationships at the same time are said to be polyamorous. #PulseOneOnOne #allysyn #allysynbbnaija #allysynbbn Connect with Pulse Nigeria » Read and watch via our website: » Like us on Facebook: » Follow us on Instagram:… » Tweet us on Twitter: .

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