Big Brother Naija 2022: GROOVY AND PHYNA BREAKING | Big Brother Naija LEVEL UP | Big Brother Naija SEASON 7 |

Big Brother Naija 2022: GROOVY AND PHYNA BREAKING | Big Brother Naija LEVEL UP | Big Brother Naija SEASON 7 | WATCH GLORY ELIJAH Binge…


  1. Your girl is still there begging a man that doesn't love her to remain in the relationship.. can't she just read the hand writing on the wall? This girl should just braze up and take a walk, I begggg

  2. Phyna is a bright lady but even a shining star emits dim side when it twinkles. Phyna's admissions to alcoholism (result of life she have had?), to not changing such lifestyle to please anyone — Groovy — and to him leaving if he's not ok with that is her 'unique' admission of her weaknesses that bags for some helps. She doesn't mean what she said to him, neither does she need that kind of life for herself. She's only helpless enough to face and admit it. If feel her so much.

    Groovy on the other hand, hasn't really moved on from encounter with Beauty; he's still mentally enchained by that brunt. This is negatively affecting greater part of himself. I believe he's kind of hoping to get some healing from Phyna who turns out needing more healings from him. Groovy, I feel you brotha. If you can hear me, man, I really need you recollect your true self, be the man. Phyna needs the stronger you more than she needs herself right now. Whatever is coming from her right now is dim reflection of the shines in her. If you fail on Beauty, win on her

  3. Phyna is my favourite, but I don't like this relationship drama with groovy. The relationship is making the both of them loose their fans, they need to leave each other and focus on this show. They can do better without being in a relationship! Groovy is playing games with phyna, obviously! Phyna might also be playing games , let's just wait and see.

  4. To me groovy made one big mistake…he shouldn’t have had such important conversation with phyna while she’s tipsy …let her be in her right state of mind …let her sleep …and when she wakes up the following day she must have been in a clear state / frame of mind …then you can have such conversation with her ..simple! Life no too hard like that now !

  5. I know this will definitely happened.I just hope the relationship last,bc the way phyna suddenly jump on groovy according to biggie is desperate and may not help the relationship, groovy eyes is still on chomsy but groovy is the quiet type while phyna is the lousy type.groovy is tired of the relationship,but doesn't know how to pull out bc phyna has been all over him, trying to beg him to take her the way she is.if he truly likes her he should tolerate her drinking habit,it is not something she can stop suddenly.

  6. Glory, I think you are not being fair to both beauty and groovy.. groovy knew beauty was also under the influence of alcohol at the time she misbehaved with him and no one sympathized with her, you all just crucified her.. why didn't groovy tuck her in bed that time and have a good conversation with her the following day? I think phyna's relationship with groovy is more toxic than what he had with beauty but because she does hers stylishly, we pretend not to see it. Now, groovy doesn't roll with anyone in the house, nor at the pool parties or even at the Saturday night parties.. phyna has managed to have an exclusive relationship with groovy whereas on the other hand she with all the others were right in the middle of groovy's relationship with beauty.. seriously, groovy and phyna 's ship is one ship i really want to see break. Because I dont think phyna deserves groovy at all. My opinion though

  7. Groovy is cool guy Phyna should have held tightly, cause its hard to find someone who will genuinely correct you when you're wrong. And why is everyone saying Phyna was drunk, Phyna doesn't look drunk to me cause she was obviously responding in line to Groovy's conversation.

  8. When i saw their fight i remembered when Phyna was telling him she wanted to see him angry and shout at her, then now that he became angry with her , her first reaction was that they should breakup i just laughed that see me this one that wanted to see groovy angry and now Infront of anger she wants to run

  9. If phyna can't control her alcohol intake groove should move on, while defending her all in the name of he compares her with his ex. Don't you know she can embarrass or hurt herself due to excessive alcohol

  10. Groovy is not into phyna period , she literally want the relationship more than the Guy , on the other hand Groovy don't know how to break up with phyna because of how phyna is taking care of him and again he don't want to hurt phyna , I watched where phyna told Groovy that she can manage even if Groovy had another serious babe , she also said is so embarrassing to her that at her age she dont have a serious man in her life ,we all know how this relationship started , well sha during reunion we will start hearing stuffs like the relationship was defined , we had a conversation etc

  11. Phyna is wrong just say she's wrong
    Don't be going back and forth saying groovy has another 🙄🙄 reasons for breaking up with her

    I thought if you want to be in a relationship there are some certain habits you have to change so that your relationship will be at peace
    So what are you now saying here

  12. Phyna has that that's who I am defense everytime someone try to express themselves to her same thing with amaka. Yes that who you are but don't exist in an island.
    What's with this broo broo when taking same thing when she was begging eloswag

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