Big Brother Naija 2022: GIDDYFIA RECEIVES AMAKA WĒT!! AS KNACKING NIGHT IS ON!! ‍♂️ | Big Brother Naija SEASON 7…


  1. Ahhh wahala ooooo S&M KLAN abeg make una come help us help AMAKA oooo GIDDYFIA don carry Mackybillions to where she no know ooo🙆‍♂️ wahala no dey ever finish🏃‍♀️

  2. Nooo marine it was Daniela that F because she said she don’t like alcohol it was amaka and Modela that order it, Daniela order ice cream and Something.

  3. Madam leave my amakaooo she said they shared the drink to modela equal so that she give the people she want same with modela but she was too scared

  4. Chichi was just wanted to act that to attract highlights. If u noticed, she just acted Mercy Lambo there. Even the way she swung her hair

  5. Daniella was very wrong. Una twist this story. Amaka is loud no doubt but at this point….if you watched the conversation thoroughly. Thank God, Rachel was able to explain what Amaka was saying.

  6. Amaka and Modella shared the drink into two equal part, Amaka was Sharing with others yl Modella was gulping hers y attacking only Amaka in that matter cos na she carry bottle? DANIELLA has changed obviously she z been pretending all along in Level 2, it's obvious Daniella has bought Modella and Amakas beef cos they have been gossiping Amaka a lot lately

  7. amaka deserve this… baileys was shared into two,,,,modella held the other half all to herself. amaka shared hers with others, why didnt daniella collect from modella? daniella will soon enter. you dont want to drink and yet you came to fight amaka.

  8. 😃Shark o gbadun( u know well) doyin is observant..maybe there's more to what she told adekunle but maybe she did not want to break it down fully…

  9. Nothing should not happen bten daniella & dotun ohh( i like her) on the arguments…daniella's approach was hasty & confrontational and amaka's explanation was loud and all over the place

  10. Shark and Marine leave Daniella abeg, it's a game let her have fun..she's not married to Khalid..u want her sit and continue to mourn Khalid?? Shey Khalid say he's Muslim

  11. Firstly, Daniella didn't approach Amaka rightly.
    Secondly, When they were doing the purchasing it was only Modella and Amaka that ordered the drinks with the change, that's why she share it evenly with Modella. And later she shares her portion.

  12. Dear S&M, love your analysis but also note that what really happened what a misunderstanding of themselves/the energy with which Daniella came @ amaka,
    Also note that the Bailey's was specifically modella & amaka special request in which Daniella also has maybe pie & ice cream as her own special request. Soo it's not suppose to be that serious.

  13. Daniella no la entiendo como van a preguntar a alguien quien no bebe si quiere alcohol.
    Si todos an aportado pero cada uno pedia lo que quería phyna a comprado guiness por qué daniella no la a cuestionado como amaka

  14. "I cannot buy your cassette…"
    Marine eh! 😂🤣😂🤣

    But serious S&M you guys are good…. I always laugh my ribs out listening to una. Nice1 guys 👍

  15. Dianella is just showing her hidden personalities…
    I pity amaka
    Dianella would have also used same energy to move to modella …
    Even if amaka is pained she chooses her frivolity which was de baileys same way Dianella chose ice cream and doughnut…
    Both Dianella lacks comprehension…
    Infact dis housemates just have a way to talk down on themselves.

  16. Nah.. Daniella wasn't interested in the Baileys. They all contributed the money. Even the ice cream and doughnuts Daniella bought no one is dragging it with her because they also didn't show interest at the beginning (they also all contributed for that too)

  17. Marine, When did Daniella started drinking again? When she us that she was off the shelf because of Khalid and was not drinking again because Khalid told her to not and of course she has not been drinking for past two weeks even during parties.
    Also I see some dislike from Bryann, Modella for Anaka and the inducted Daniella yesterday. The way Daniella asked Nodella was not the same way she asked Amaka about the drink besides Amaka said it was she and Modella who bought the bailey and she has given, Bryann, modella and Dotun so why was Daniella shouting at her when Daniella extra thousand she gave, she use it to buy other things she has received. Lastly telling someone the they can not comprehend is an insult so I feel Daniella wrong Amaka yesterday not because she and her GIDFFIRA business oiooooo

  18. Daniella prefers Deji more than Dotun. Daniella is like that, she was happy Chizzy came she was thinking he would be a replacement for Khalid if evicted that day.. if you remember.

  19. As for Daniella Enh she's a smooth sweet soul she told dotun she's with some one already she's only saying let go and av our shower as a frd not together thou 🙄 and amaka eye service and envy of grammar , she speak to and extend dat daniella turn to a haters and she did not even knw all the people she gave nominated her 😂 😂

  20. This season is called level up and search for a man season 7 🤣🤣Amaka is a total mess she's been craving for warmth since Daniella and Khalid tormented her with their actions at night.

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