Big Brother Naija 2022 FIGHT NIGHT: EPIC FIGHT BETWEEN AMAKA AND BRYANN!! | Big Brother Naija SEASON 7 #sharkandmarinetv…


  1. S&M KLAN na nonsense and rubbish ingredients wey cause this fight ooo naso dey just disturb our sleep for nothing oooo mtcheeeeeeeeewwww!!!😤 wahala no dey ever finish🏃‍♀️

  2. They laugh at her. It was like a gang up against Amaka. And Bryan is good at fighting women and for nothing. Bryan has to work on himself simple.

  3. Shark and Marine …from observations, Bryan, Modella and Daniella has some kind of dislike for Amaka, they see fault in everything she does especially Modella… picking on her easily. That's why she nominated Amaka. Same way with the unnecessary outburst of anger by Daniella because of drink.
    Na just see finish for Amaka. Those 3 no bold face off with Phyna like that… Make them go rest.

  4. I watched this figth till 4am (instead of sleeping). Honestly, it was uncomfortable. I even had to send some tweets for the fisrt time. What I saw was plain bullying. Yes – Amaka could be annoying etc. However, what happened was shocking in my opinion … and this was instigated by Biggie's very own Modella who could not even attempt the simple mission that was given to her. Daniella is showing her true self. She even said herelf that she nearly lost her best friend last year. She says she does not even drink. Why did no one attack Modella for taking half the bottle? Even when Modella was talking to Amaka – she was pointing her finger at her very aggressive and using a shouting tone. They all do it. Bryan really dissapointed me. He said Amaka does not have emotioal intelligence but I did not see him use it. Also why call her dumb? Seirously -I was so dissapointed and hope Biggie addreases it

  5. Bryan has been looking for a way to come back at amaka, amaka is at the centre of phyna groovy gossip, ilebaye Bryan gossip, modella and Bryan gossip, Khalid n Daniella,all the aljazeera gossip to level1, also some of her famous quotes about modella Biggie comment and also her thank you Jesus quote during live eviction, so the gang up was expected

  6. Bryann and fighting with female housemates are 5&6….Where was this energy towards Sheggz.
    Daniella has been looking for a way to pick on Amaka for fear of revealing her escapades with Khalid… And the counting of condoms with Phyna though she knows she can't try Phyna
    Modella had been obsessed with Amaka for someone who couldn't execute her task….. BIGGIE should just evict her.
    Bryann, na for only females he get power
    Modella and Daniella keep looking for a way to gang up on Amaka and Bryann because he's friends with them keeps siding them blindly.
    They keep picking on her loudness as if they don't have their bad sides of which Amaka hadn't picked on them for
    Amaka should be aware of the game these housemates are playing and stay woke

  7. Marine,
    They weren't laughing at Amaka. The only time they laughed, was when Amaka and Modella was going back and forth, while Bryann was making side comments about Amaka to Daniella.

    Bryann is so annoying. Where was this energy when Sheggz was taking their food.

    The both of them going back and forth don't know that they just sold themselves to the other housemates present by spilling their dirty linens…

  8. This Modella cannot even execute whatever she was suppose to do. Those three are bullying Amaka, I was so annoyed and Shark you are right Modella started everything

  9. Models don't like amaka,models want to give highlights before she leaves,so that big brother will make her real housemates Bryan can nit say this to sheggz he fight with ladies,amaka is depressed she should have managed giddy but she served him breakfast and now she is lonely.daniela should move on from that belly issues

  10. Amaka should rest this week she is just moody coz after dumping Giddy for Dotun he is not giving her the chance. Always chasing men
    Modella time is up she wants the housemates i dont know why she was brought to the show

  11. Bryan has emotional intelligence… Amaka is an introvert acting like an extrovert. She’s forcing to be something she’s not.

  12. Oh, I missed this. I know Amaka was off because of the meat pie debacle. Eh ya.

    I said it. Where was Phyna? Feeling vindicated I bet.

  13. I really love reactions wen I'm even watching scenes that I missed,, buh jst the talks alone leave me with unsatisfied hunger

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