Big Brother Naija 2022: ELOSWAG BREAK WITH CHOMZY | Big Brother Naija LEVEL UP | Big Brother Naija SEASON 7 |

Big Brother Naija 2022: ELOSWAG BREAK WITH CHOMZY | Big Brother Naija LEVEL UP | Big Brother Naija SEASON 7 | GLORY ELIJAH Binge…


  1. There is really no here or there about emotions…no telling. diana comes across like someone big on reputation whilst playing her game whereas giddifia is shameless with his own game. so, the equation equals to a no no logically placing them vis-a-vis their antecedent.

  2. Amaka needs to stop talking much and involving people in her issues, daina those not even care, she just listens to amaka talk and if daina goes back to gidi be rest assured that amaka will start beefing daina

  3. Chomzy is close to Eloswag in the HOH room and when they are in the main house she will be forming as if nothing is happening between the both of them probably she is doing that bcos she is interested in Groovy tbh Chomzy is a pretender. As for Amaka she needs to rest about this Giddifia of a thing is not worth it. As for Daniella and Dotun l think Daniella is confused. Thanks Glory for the analysis

  4. I've also thought about it, that Amaka may end up shooting herself in the leg. Because if Diana somehow gets back together with Giddifia, she will lose out both ways.

    Na wa with these housemates, Na real level up 😂😂😂

  5. Why are they shocked about Amaka's statement when everything she said was true? LOL. They are all strategic players and fboys. Gidi is only looking for cruise, from one woman to the other.

  6. I really don't understand some of these Level Up house mates especially the so called "ships" it has become a fashion Elloswag and Chomsy' ship I don't feel it at all.
    If Gidifyier knows what's good for him he better stay away from Diana because " non cherrie" does not take nonsense😄😄

  7. You are spot on Glory. Daniella is an adult, she knows very well what she's doing and yes it's obvious that she is attracted to Dotum. I assume she would have done more with Dotum if they were not on television.

  8. GIDDYFIA, AMAKA,DIANA and RACHEL their situation is too messy and complicated. As for AMAKA I think she was the one forcing herself on GIDDI after all DIANA has told her and witnessing the drama between DIANA and RACHEL, still went ahead to ship with GIDDIFIA and after one week, AMAKA again told the guy that she does want to ship with again. How come she now is upset with GIDDIFIA for flirting with RACHEL last night at the party? I personally don't understand. Why all these ladies are so confused and they keep jumping from one man to another? It is so annoying and I am pissed off

  9. Glory do you know there's this video of Eloswag and chomzy doing it in the hoh tub?
    Kayode didn't show us this o!
    Said it was on showmax. Maybe I should just subscribe my showmax and leave DStv since they're running us street and showmax is giving us premium content for lesser price unlike DStv if I must add.

    Glory please confirm. Thanks

  10. Daniella is very aware of the game she is playing, nobody forced her to have sex with Khalid and nobody pushed her to flirt with dotun . She is only scared now bcus she feels she can be evicted soon and she doesn't know how to face the public to 'defend' herself .

    I actually thought chomzy would be d one serving Elo breakfast but the situation don change and I feel something as happened except if it's elo's strategy but since they 'settled' that's their own prob.

  11. Thank you for Revealing the truth abt Twitter perception fans, first time u forget to introduce urself 😊Don't worry we are all carried away buy ur tea together🥰 Daniella Know wat she is doing don't mind her if truly she doesn't like wat she is doing then she should stop it

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