Big Brother Naija 2022: EBUKA DISGRACED SHEGGZ AND BELLA| Big Brother Naija LEVEL UP | Big Brother Naija SEASON 7 | GLORY ELIJAH

Big Brother Naija 2022: EBUKA DISGRACED SHEGGZ AND BELLA | Big Brother Naija LEVEL UP | Big Brother Naija SEASON 7 | GLORIA ELIA, binge …


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  2. I didn't see any shame, I saw a girl who boldly said her truth! U used to like ur analysis but u're becoming very insulting and insensitive, imagine calling someone a coward

  3. The type of eviction that happened yesterday is not the first of its kind, when Uti wins BBA ALL STARS all housemates where evicted to the Barnyard. A week before the show ends viewers had to vote again for two/3 housemates to go back to the main house and still in the run for the price.

  4. The only twist that made sense was the very first twist of having two levels as for these other twists nooooo!! Especially this level 3 twist is not twisting at all🙅🙅

  5. This twist doesn't go down well with me, my opinion though….This whole level thing and all that has been happening shows the level 1 housemates are special to biggie, either they paid to be on the show or they signed a different contract with biggie cos i see no reason why they decided to introduce a new level to keep evicted house mates.

  6. I'am still confussed and upset about this level 3 twist,those three should be sent home because they were "evicted",otherwise our votes won't matter anymore…very confussed!!!

  7. This is real partiality. Maybe biggie wants chomzy to win the incoming task. And I will be the happiest if she doesn't win. Because once evicted, they should leave😡😡😡😡

  8. Then in my opinion biggie shd bring all the evicted housemates to the level 3 also. It's really unfair for all the other evicted housemates. Look at how Amaka was evicted from the house. So if they are all treated equally then i think illebaye, cyph,Khalid,Pharmsavi, Amaka and co. should all enjoy this privilege too🙄🙄😏

  9. Bella is a low standard girl, she's not intelligent and smart. She should get ready for toxic and abusive relationship with Sheggz if she decides to continue.

  10. Big Brother should bring Cyph and Khalid to level 3 too. Throw Amaka in there for good measure. They should also not be in the running for the 100M but at least they can compete for prizes.
    Chomzy is being unfairly favoured by Big brother

  11. Has for me Hermes is not a man enough 😃 he can not stand on his words this is so irritating 🙄 just as u said Glory me I want to no if the guest too will win from the task if they join doing the task

  12. Could it be that the level 3 space will house other previously evicted housmates too… like Cyph and Khalida?
    I still believe Cyph's run in the Big brother house was unfairly cut short.

  13. Imagine this: Big brother introduces them into the house as if they were never evicted and then one by one, they begin to disappear from the main house mysteriously through secret doors….. Mind games on both the contenders and the evicted! 💯

  14. Honestly with this twist I'm beginning to think that the show is sold out, perhaps the show is rigged against some participants. It's not fair to the other evicted housemates.

  15. How can Sheggz received two strike, how many skrike did biggie gave Chichi . This season biggie house is nonsense
    That twist is rubbish, evicted housemates been put in level 3 without them knowing that they are not running for the money is not acceptable, biggie can't be playing with their minds. They should let them know or else they have right to sue biggie. If they are evicted let them go .

  16. Sheggz deserves 2 strikes or disqualification self, chomzy said she couldn't condone phyna's attitude and loudness, that she gives phyna till weekend to go home and she (chomzy) will not see the face of a mad phyna anymore, very arrogant fellow, na ur papa get big brother?, Just bcos she's been in a winning

  17. Phyna was gossiping with chichi and groovy some days back telling them the eviction that will sweet her which is “Chomzy”. She said Chomzy’s wins is affecting her self confidence.

  18. Biggie lost it. No idea has to continue with his level idea show. Earlier evicted members left but d new ones stays cos chomsy is involved. Shame to this organizer.

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