Big Brother Naija 2022: DOYIN BLAST ELOSWAG | Big Brother Naija LEVEL UP | Big Brother Naija SEASON 7 |

Big Brother Naija 2022: DOYIN BLAST ELOSWAG | Big Brother Naija LEVEL UP | Big Brother Naija SEASON 7 | GLORY ELIJAH Binge WATCH all the…


  1. I pray one day d veil dat's covering d rest of d HMs abt shella ship be removed, so dat dey can stop both to put dat energy dey always use to kiss n romance up n down into tasks. Bella has sharp mouth to talk but don't have for task. Mtheeeeeew. doyin my girl, pls stand ur ground ooo. Alot of ass lickers in dat house. Even if biggie didn't gv dem clothes for d presentation, can't dey even dress properly wit dre own clothes. I lk how biggie gave dem🤣 so u r presenting u wear bathroom slippers n Chichi looks so unkept. We lk our trenches oo, dey all look so beautiful. N Dres team work. Even amaka n kess really participate dis week. How I wish kess will not go dis week cos his now coming out of his hiding.

  2. Glory I don't agree with you on this, sheggz came up with suggestions on their wager task but they didn't take it hence the reason he took a step backward. He even told them the cloth was for the task, they dismissed it too. He brought it up after they failed their task and none of the housemates could counter it. Listen even if all the housemates are dumb listen to peoples ideas. The only time they won their wager task is cos it was sheggz field and he came up with that sport idea, and listened to other peoples ideas too. I agree that the housemates didn't put in their best and are lazy towards task but they need to start listening to peoples suggestions too, no one is an island. On this one the whole house should take the blame not some set at all.

  3. It's funny even after the back n forth heated arguement between eloswag and doyin, other hms like chomzy n the rest, rather than taking the task serious, went to the dinning table to play cards. I was like wtf and eloswag didn't say anything to them

  4. Here we go again ELOSWAG is afraid of calling out SHEGGZ. DOYIN well done for serving ELOSWAG the morning pepper soup. Thumbs up. Where is CHOMZY the queen of the gossipers? Come and defend your BBN husband.

  5. Hi glory! I think Doyin was wrong for going to bed without telling anyone but the way Elo approached her was so uncalled for. These people have so much learning to do. The tone of one’s voice could make or break the message being passed. I do not blame Doyin for defending herself as it seemed as though Elo was attacking her. A better way would have been “Doyin what happened last night, you were supposed to come back but you went to bed, is everything ok?”

  6. Why is Eloswag afraid of anther man he must start culling up man not lady why are the boy in that house a afraid of one another thay must face each other now doyin is giving then hot to hot strong lady standing for him self 💪💪

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