Big Brother Naija 2022: DEJI AND GROOVY F!GHT 4 AIRTEL TASK | Big Brother Naija LEVEL UP, Big Brother Naija SEASON 7, GLORY ELIJAH

Big Brother Naija 2022: DEJI AND GROOVY F!GHT 4 AIRTEL TASK | Big Brother Naija LEVEL UP, Big Brother Naija SEASON 7, GLORY ELIJAH Binge…


  1. You see when I say groovy I Stan I mean it,,forget those people, is just jealousy as seeing that phynagrov is not joining their gossip group its paining them, chichi and deji perfect couple,chomsy is just jealous and shocked that groovy defended phyna,is only a olodo that will say someone is using emotions what a nonsense,Danielle was only defending her girl,last last everybody go chop break fast..

  2. Deji jumping up, I was like yo what are you about to do? Groovy keeping his calm was top notch for me!
    I think the highlight of this fight for me is how Sheggz was seated and quiet all through! For the first time he didn't involve himself in Bella's fight and also how he called deji and groovy in the room later to sort and hug it out without bad blood though Deji had apologized earlier.

    Bella, chomzy, Chichi are actually sore losers(not the first time)
    Also please biggie shouldn't take the time off again this people wanted to burst out ear drums

  3. There are so many sore losers in the former level 1 and it's so disgusting to watch. Thus why I like the former level 2

  4. Glory I have a question to ask,
    What if at that very moment Deji was going for Groovy and he also attacked him as well, what will be the punishment for they both since we know that Deji is a fake HM.?

  5. Everybody here is just emphasising the fact that Groovy is a calm guy, well so far hes been one, but that chaos last nite at the dinning area happened immediately they were asked to go back inside and I saw Groovy first charging into Dejis face in confrontation about something Deji said back at the Arena before they were separated but Deji felt if he had let the whole scenario die like that it would look like Groovy had used him to shine!!! Hence his rampage to redeem his image.

  6. I don't care anymore, if they want let them kill themselves, my maki billions is out so she wont die, but the others can go kill themselves and burn themselves in that house if they want.

  7. I watched everything I just like watching your analysis. Deji mumu fight and Chichi,Chomsy and Bella are just shouting unnecessary. Adekunle trying to explain to them but Chichi the mumu girl is rude plus olodo Bella

  8. Groovy initiated all this. Don't go charging to someone's face if you are not ready to reciprocate the same energy. I bet he was surprised by Deji's reaction

  9. And he's complaining about chichi, he must be moving mad , at this point, I don't believe anyone's displayed character on this show, one minute you're gentle and the next you're roaring like a lion, or was that a game plan? I wish they didn't hold Deji back make I see something

  10. Chomzy own was intentional…. she wanted phyna and Danielle to reply her so tht she can lash at them. So they ganged up against them but am glad that phyna, Danielle and groovy didn't give them the attention they wanted. To me Chomzy has a strong resentment against phyna so she used this opportunity to attack her and she made it too obvious tht most of them caught up on it and groovy said no this girl is just jealous lol. They think they can provoke the remaining level 2HMs to get them to misbehave and get disqualified or strike hahahahah.

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