1. Daniella is a confused being and she can't control herself around the opposite sex she's attracted to infact she needs help. Thanks Shark and Marine CLAN you guys are funny in analysing. Great job!!!

  2. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Cheerful giver Daniella May God give you spirit of self respect and self esteem ,greetings to u both sweet S&M 💕💕More wins to you both 🤗 🤗

  3. I'm disappointed in Daniella, I couldn't believe she fell for this and did it, Daniella just failed Khalid and Khalid will be disappointed in her, this is to say no f**king ship is real inside that house 💯 Dotun also forgot the bro code😏

  4. I just pray that daniella to go home next week Sunday to be honest ! Because daniella she don't know how to control herself! Why Khalid he is outside waiting for her.

  5. See ehnn you guys gave her too much credit too early. Daniella doesn’t want to be easy but she can’t help it because it’s in her NATURE…I don’t think she realised it before entering the house, a confined space…she wants to be a good girl, but she has no control over the way she behaves when she is attracted to someone…Infact it might be that the attraction doesn’t even need to be there, it’s once Konji hooks her, her senses go out the window; bcos she started with trying to get attention from Bryan; as e no work, she immediately jumped on the small chance she saw when Khalid even hinted that he liked her; now that he’s not here, Dotun…she just needs someone to satisfy her needs at all times. Asexual my a** 🙄
    The reason I don’t really care how she acts in this relationship with Khalid is because the whole thing was a joke to me. He said in the house that he definitely cannot settle down with a Christian and if he dates any one, it’s just for cruise..and I know he meant it. Which is why I was surprised when he was telling her not to take alcohol and she agreed (which she has already started taking it again at their last Saturday night party; clearly she was doing it to make him happy so he continues to give her attention in the house). Khalid might have been hoping for a ship situation outside the house which pays well for them these days eg Emma and Liquorose, but ship in the mud..

  6. 1. Is the Big Brother show going to provide less enjoyment if sex is prohibited?

    2. Is the live sex the main pleasure or fun you derive from viewing the Big Brother Naija show?

    3. Voyeurism is a form of perversion where pleasure or enjoyment is derived from viewing the sex acts of other people, if your answer is ‘YES’ to Number 1 or 2 do you believe you might be suffering from this abnormality?

    4. Do you believe that voyeurism is good for your mental health?

    5. Do you know of any other TV show, outside porn, where live sex is on the catalogue of permitted activities?

    6. If a wealthier person or organisation enticed your 21 year-old daughter or son to record and post a sexually explicit video of herself or himself, would you shrug it off as normal?

    7. Do you believe having sex on a TV show is something worth celebrating?

    8. If your answer to question Number 7 is ‘YES’, then why do people like Khalid who have sex in the house come out and lie about it, is it because they do not know how to celebrate?

    9. Do they lie because they have shown sound judgment?

    10. If lies are told to conceal shameful, embarrassing and humiliating actions, should we then applaud such actions of shame?

    If your answers to the questions are an overwhelming ‘NO’ then I am hopeful about our collective moral state.

    Once again this is my prescribed practicable solution to cleanse the state of filth in which the Big Brother show has found itself.

    It involves simple rule changes:

    One, give a strike to anyone engaging in s*x or s*xual activity and define exactly what you mean by s*x.

    Two, restrict access to alcohol or give extra benefits or coins to those who are able to abstain from it.

    Three, deduct points or put fines in place for swearing and using dirty language.

    This would broaden the appeal of the show, add more interesting plot twists and make its gamification more robust.

    We have to do better.


  7. Daniella likes sex naturally, and lacks self discipline and control. She can't resist a man in any secluded place. She needs a therapist, and prayers.

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