Big Brother Naija 2022: DANIELLA CRIES FOR KHALID | Big Brother Naija LEVEL UP | Big Brother Naija SEASON 7 |

Big Brother Naija 2022: DANIELLA CRIES FOR KHALID | Big Brother Naija LEVEL UP | Big Brother Naija SEASON 7 | WATCH GLORY ELIJAH Binge…


  1. Thanks for your videos. It is therapeutic because am going through a life threatening health condition .Am in the USA don’t have access to watch the show. However, in extension of your analysis of Daniella; she find Khalid more physically /sexually attractive compared to Dotu .So, that’s the reason she friend zone Dotu.forgive for miss spelling their names. I have more to say about Daniella but typing in comments section on my phone is challenging. Here in Texas we are experiencing wifi issues because of rain.

  2. It is not like her relationship with Khalid was the best.. She regretted everything she did with him.. She is repeating the same cycle with dotun. For me she's been so dramatic with him. He never forced her into a ship.. He let her do her at her own pace. Khalid that was already toxic for her.. That already made her shrink.. And that's who she is doing this shenanigans for.. Daniella rest

  3. All I can say about this girl is that she is playing her game with her emotions and using dotun to cushion herself, if I can read her mind , she is fixed in a love triangle, she loves both guys but scared of kalihd ,trying to be a good girl and at same time creating content. But hey Daniella, u cannot decivie me .

  4. Let's forget the few times that she was tipsy and ask Dotun to kiss her. The Duvet kiss, we didn't see who kissed who in reality! Secondly, she has to form a new strategic alliance , her only mistake was catching feelings!

  5. I honestly do not take it as deep as most people seem to take this whole Daniella situation. It happens on our normal lives I understand it more with her because of the dynamics and set up of her environment. She has nothing to be embarrassed about according to me

  6. I knew that Daniella, will do it again and here it is I didn't even drink water and drop cup Daniella the s/ut has already done it again she is just one useless housemate that came with one useless strategy that a group of useless people like her will buy into and yes it's working in her favor if this girl doesn't leave that house men will be painted rapists I think that is what she's trying to do she probably think Khalid was out voted because of her tears and hopes Dotun will too I pray Karma visits her inside that mansion pull her out like it did to Amaka the one person who deserves that kind of exit is Daniella I pray all the housemates see her for who she really is mxm rotten child

  7. But Daniela was even seemingly making some kind of moves on Deji. They even said they will meet each other outside the house. Maybe she is just a man eater but pretending to be an innocent girl. Something is very off about this girl.

  8. Can you really do something in front of cameras and for the benefit of cameras and honestly call it a “relationship” that’s very delusional. If it’s a strategy it’s understandable, this is a game of strategies, anything else is delusional.

  9. She is just a snake…playing with people's mind …she knows what she is doing… mtchew… She is a sly one and a loose one …don't feel pity for her .. before I give her benefit of the doubt … she will have to prove herself. … plainly looking for someone's attention… rubbish girl..I don't know why i dislike this girl

  10. Yes, I felt sorry for her even though I know that diary session she had with biggie was not for Biggie but she used that to address the public, probably to get some empathy by explaining her predicament with Dotun. So her dairy session was a strategy. Come to think of it, the show still has more weeks to go, let's see how long she can maintain that boundaries.

  11. Glory, Daniella is just like a typical girl out there. like the ones in the schools, campuses, hostels, communities, neighbourhood…
    You can analyse her till tomorrow but the regrets are hers…. let's see her in the light of one that has decided to have her personal life seen on TV.. many are like that in real life off the glares of the public. I didn't like Khalid for her…with him she wasn't free, she wasn't interactive, she was scared of dancing and drinking, he then goes under the sheets with her at night, only for her to wake up in the morning with regrets. I doubt if she'll have had a chance with Khalid outside the house tbh…I pray strength for her…I doubt if she'll survive Sundays eviction with all these negative videos and comments about her… but it's all good.. it's up to her to make the best of the platform she's been given after eviction…Love and light

  12. DANIELLE me destiny ighoigho I am tired plsss do and leave, all this your cock nd bull story I am filled up Ahhhhh after enjoying yourself at night you'll come and be crying up nd down stealing the camera time from important ppl nd conversations.

    Ps: I am so proud of how this channel is growing it gives me joy but if you're reading this plsss like the video don't just watch nd leave pls LIKE okay tnks y'all.

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