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  1. I didn't see anything. For all you know they could just be pretending to be "doing it" for views. You people are so naive 😏

  2. Daniella has proven she doesn't have emotional intelligence.She's not capable of multitasking which is important if you must ship in big brothers house.

  3. Lol 😹😹😹 Doyin is cruise. She’s desperate for a ship but she’s my fav female housemate tho

  4. All these nonsense must stop, promoting nonsense called BBnaija in such a sexual corrupt generation. Is unacceptable.

  5. Madam congrats I like ur new looks. Pls take care of urself. While for Daniela she has lost focus but am nt surprised bcos she's only telling us hw most girls frm her place behaviours especially d sex area

  6. First of all Daniella is very cheat
    Then Khalid is a sharp shooter I knew that the way their ship was going, I knew he will get her on the bed soon. I'm aren't surprised

    Doyin on her way, she is just a local harlot who comes here to rebrand her prostitution business.

  7. Gosh!!! I just have to pause this video and comment ASAP,,,,,,Phyna is giving tacha everything,,,,Me too, whenever I see her, I remember tacha and beginning to like Phyna so much,,, Danielle don fall hand abeg😩

  8. Its so so disappointing for Daniella to fall for Khalid of wic she knows nothing will come out of it.t Thats bad . She cldnt just hold body

  9. DANIELLA and DOYIN are the two desperate and embarrassment of this season 7 and to their various fans. My question is how come you come to a show and you are courageous enough to just have s** on national TV and in front of people around you Do you know that AMAKA caught them ? Are you animal ? Ladies please we need to educate, discipline, and control our sex*ual emotion. I am so ashamed on their behalf to their family. What is that nonsense DANIELLA is doing with a man who she only met four few day ! DANIELLA THIS IS A NO NO NO NO NO

  10. 😂🤣🤣😅😅😅😅 hommiee and analyses, say she is not giving us no content it's stripping she wan use shine

  11. Doyin just has serious integrity issues…. She was having a convo in the garden with Bella and Sheggz last night, and she said she is a medical doctor, a radiologist. She is a MEDICAL RADIOGRAPHER. Radiographers are technicians, and not medical doctors or radiologists, and she obviously knows this. For you to be a radiologist, you must have gone to medical school for 6 years, done your internship and gone through a 5-6 year residency training to become a radiologist. So the math wasn't mathing, considering the fact that she claims to be 26 years old. So I decided to check her IG profile and saw in her bio that she is a MEDICAL RADIOGRAPHER 🙄🙄🙄 Like, I'm not sure why she felt the need to tell such a bold-faced lie ON NATIONAL TV!!!!! As in, na better Dunning-Kruger syndrome dey worry the babe…. she just dey fuck up, dey lose guard anyhow!

  12. Daniella has lost this game,point blank. She came in with winning potential honestly but this move right here has sealed her fate.

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