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  1. First of all Daniella is very cheat
    Then Khalid is a sharp shooter I knew that the way their ship was going, I knew he will get her on the bed soon. I'm aren't surprised

    Doyin on her way, she is just a local harlot who comes here to rebrand her prostitution business.

  2. Gosh!!! I just have to pause this video and comment ASAP,,,,,,Phyna is giving tacha everything,,,,Me too, whenever I see her, I remember tacha and beginning to like Phyna so much,,, Danielle don fall hand abeg😩

  3. DANIELLA and DOYIN are the two desperate and embarrassment of this season 7 and to their various fans. My question is how come you come to a show and you are courageous enough to just have s** on national TV and in front of people around you Do you know that AMAKA caught them ? Are you animal ? Ladies please we need to educate, discipline, and control our sex*ual emotion. I am so ashamed on their behalf to their family. What is that nonsense DANIELLA is doing with a man who she only met four few day ! DANIELLA THIS IS A NO NO NO NO NO

  4. Doyin just has serious integrity issues…. She was having a convo in the garden with Bella and Sheggz last night, and she said she is a medical doctor, a radiologist. She is a MEDICAL RADIOGRAPHER. Radiographers are technicians, and not medical doctors or radiologists, and she obviously knows this. For you to be a radiologist, you must have gone to medical school for 6 years, done your internship and gone through a 5-6 year residency training to become a radiologist. So the math wasn't mathing, considering the fact that she claims to be 26 years old. So I decided to check her IG profile and saw in her bio that she is a MEDICAL RADIOGRAPHER 🙄🙄🙄 Like, I'm not sure why she felt the need to tell such a bold-faced lie ON NATIONAL TV!!!!! As in, na better Dunning-Kruger syndrome dey worry the babe…. she just dey fuck up, dey lose guard anyhow!

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