Big Brother Naija 2022: DANIELLA AND DOTUN IN THE head of house ROOM | Big Brother Naija LEVEL UP, Big Brother Naija SEASON 7, GLORY ELIJAH

Big Brother Naija 2022: DANIELLA AND DOTUN IN THE head of house ROOM | Big Brother Naija LEVEL UP, Big Brother Naija SEASON 7, GLORY ELIJAH Binge…


  1. Glory, I just love one thing about u. You sure know how to thrash out issues regardless of the personality involve & how the situation seems like. For example, your analysis on Daniella involving Dotun & u wishing her well with her having self control & the way u spoke about her hypocrisy with Amaka after she had been evicted. You mostly put sentiment aside when thrashing out issue & that is such an amazing trait that makes up a great personality. Kudos to u Glory.

  2. But you don’t except them to say bad things about her na 😹
    It’s just like what happens when someone dies, that’s life for you and i don’t think it was exactly a gang up though.

  3. She said all this this with Khalid. She will even tell let them slow thing down but they will continue the under duvet action the next day.

  4. to be honest I only watch your review and eviction, I just can't sit and stand some of the people in the house, I can feel my temper rising, how Amaka was treated in the house is terrible I can't stand bullies

  5. Thank u sis u hv said it all exactly my thoughts about her phyna really like her but she keep given phyna space to form another friendship with people who doesn’t care about her

  6. Amaka nominated some other people too. No one knows who has the best fan group outside. It's a game after all and people have to go. Those Amaka nominated no be God create them too? If one person goes this week, another will go next week. After all, one person wins the prize

  7. I'm afraid for Daniella too
    Because if truly, Khalid was the one that deflowered her, there is a high tendency she might give in to the temptation to explore her attractions with dotun.
    I still feel for amaka though… It's painful, everything you said about the other housemates hypocrisy is also true, very true… They're being pretentious…

  8. Don't agree here Glory….you hug people leaving no matter the beef. Its called fair play. Its the done thing in civilized society…in sport you embrace after the contest ..💯

  9. These housemates are so hypocritical….especially Daniella….Daniella is a slave to her sexual desires and it’s really terrible for her age….she has a very sneaky personality….Tbh I careless about Daniella, she appears innocent but she’s a back stabber….it was really sad to watch last night….not Bella talking about how she relates with amaka cause of the fact that they of the same ethnicity 🤷‍♀️ made no sense….Bryan is just an ass licker and a coward and that’s just how I feel

  10. For me i don't have any to say about those housemate,my happiness is dat biggie has given us enough meat to roast on Sunday evening.

  11. It's so hypocritical that we are all judging Daniella and making hasty assumptions about her and dotun only because she likes him but groovy is allowed to move on in less than one day with phyna after beauty left. It's so disgusting this double standard, please let her breathe

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