Big Brother Naija 2022: Congratulations to Phyna | Beauty by inviting Groovy & Phyna to her party? Chizzy

Big Brother Naija 2022: Congratulations to Phyna | Beauty by inviting Groovy & Phyna to her party? Chizzy bnaija 2022, Big Brother Naija …


  1. Tbvh, even we Phynation are not are not happy about her relationship with Groovy because she wouldn't have been dragged if there's no relationship. But there's nothing we can do about it. It's her personal life.

  2. Oh BBN fans are so crazy!!! they should leave them alone
    Who says she can't have both fame n love they should leave their love alone ..biko

  3. To me groovy doesn’t even love phyna 1%.. that’s why I love tacha n mercy eke, they just focused on they goals. Phyna should emulate them n focus on her self.

  4. others in this fanbase they are busy P must leave G and we will support her same as G fanbase guys do you know what LOVE IS if P leaves G do you think money and Gold would repair his heart same as G no money can't buy LOVE let this children leave their life biko don't destroy what is not yours

  5. if your boyfriend or your husband treat you bad on your so called relationship it doesn't concern G and P pls let them leave their life why this fan base always involves themselves in their relationship haba ppl every person in this 2 fanbase must check if their relationship with their spouse still in glimpse or did G and P asked you guys for their relationship I don't understand pls each fanbase must look and support their fav's and leave their love story for them haba

  6. TBJoshua once said ppl can kill what they thought they know what they don't understand all this ppl wants to know everything about G &P movement even thou they said their relationship is private they always wants their movement geez ppl must leave this children alone whether you support them on their journey of bbn bt nw let them be cause they are out of bbn

  7. I don't know why people like creating unnecessary drama both of them are cool together,that is why they don't talk about their relationship because to avoid those drama,they just want private

  8. Too much of a thing is a disease . Those twisting the story it not Groovers please you guys should check Groovy's handles maybe you'll understand while we're acting this way. You'll never see Groovy nor Groovers comments under her page talk less of replying her comment in his page but does that to other house mates .Groovers attacked her over a birthday comment with no love emoji haba she's human to . We know the names she's tag for coz of groovy and he's a follower of all those hating and insulting phyna. They're both adults but phyna is a lady and needs caution .For now let her focus on herself,brands and Phynation . If Groovy needs her fine if he doesn't its not the end of the world.. daughter of Zion,Loud Grace and elephant no di tench let her note that. Her health is more important to us .

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