Big Brother Naija 2022: CHOMZY DISGRACES PHYNA!! AS DOYIN EXPOSES BIGGIE | Big Brother Naija SEASON 7 #sharkandmarinetv…


  1. S&M KLAN according to these Housemates EMOTIONS are high right now!!πŸ™†β€β™‚οΈ CHOMZY and PHYNA e be like say na una know wetin dey do una! Make una continue!!😀 wahala no dey ever finishπŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

  2. Phyna only reacted because chomzy said a statement, hope you can maintain this energy outside ''' and Daniella told phyna something,and phyna was discussing about it to groovy, groovy gave her encouragement and she snapped out of it, chomzy yesterday called Chichi n co hypocrite and already this morning saying Hermes is coming for her too

  3. Is not fair because is so glaring of course it will affect housemates confidence they humans with emotion imagin putting in your bast in task at the end of the day you give it to one person rubbish

  4. Cross advert also shows body odor,she was right to make that example! People should go heal that jealous spirit,Chomzy works hard and is a creative thinker. Their faves keep losing and now people want to blame bias,no dont do that. Chomzy will go far in life because of her good heart and intelligence regardless if she is evicted or not.

  5. To be honest with u guys, Presentation was for Doyin's group, and the drama was for Richaels group. Team papaya winning is a no no, cos even Ade after the win said to some people that he felt and thought Doyins group was going to win. He was honest, even tho his group won. Nice day guysπŸ₯°β€

  6. After a critical look, even though I am neither Chomzy, Adekunle nor Eloswags fan, I realized that their skit passed the message across…it talked about odour.
    And if you look at the current ad on Tvs now, it's odour and freshness they are talking about about, not the alroind four season benefits

  7. Bt we knowww excpt we don't want to speak on it, chomzy rubs her win on all HMs'.it's only fair for phyna to react cos they are used to herdoing that..and to rub it further, She WON thruout the week!! I mean daniella Cried and we told her to suck it up…

  8. Bt guys, i think the main issue was the general grumbling from all the HMs'. That has neva happned before, I didnt watch it the task so i cannot speak on it the outcry from outsiders…

  9. You know when you love someone and is your favorite you turn a blind eye even if they are wrong. Realistically some of the teams was a lot of noise on the stage, that is a gentle soap advert hence Biggie said no dancing

  10. My 2cent input, Biggie is not the one with final say the brand itself are the ones to choose who will be on their advert, who will be the ambassador. Maybe they looked the marketing skills, articulate, passion marketing the brand ability to express and advertise the brand with no hiccups. They all did well but for the brand Team Papaya deserves it. It is so unfortunate that it's the team with the very person who is winning the tasks. Team work, thinking out of the box and carrying the task with passion

  11. If they don't deserve the win the Brand will not give them, Biggie's is not the judge the brand are the judge, Biggie's only announced the winnings. If they said Chomzy group won so it is, Phyna always complaint when Chomzy won, Phyna is clearly jealous of Chomzy Winnings. I come in PeaceπŸ’ƒπŸ½

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