Big Brother Naija 2022: CHICHI AND DIANA FIGHT | Big Brother Naija SEASON 7 | Big Brother Naija LEVEL UP | OLUFEMI DANIEL

Chichi and Diana battle in a new house merge. Watch all the clear, precise and intriguing details of Africa’s biggest reality TV show…


  1. Everything was going well till Femi said who dey!!!! The first thing that came to my mind is when shags said " who wants to date a girl who's always shouting who dey"

  2. Olufemi Daniel good job👍 you're my eyes and ears in Biggies house. I say make I ask you, should I join them in the house, I want to go and show myself there so you can talk about me too? 😄😄😄

  3. About 2 years ago tacha of b.b.naija was disqualified Chi Chi must be careful her actions and her mouth these housemates wow trouble especially the girls .

  4. I dont trust ADE one bit. He gossips too much but I hope Diana listened what he said about how you behave when youre angry.

    Oooooo i cant stand that gossiping desperate woman

  5. Stop hyping Diana. She was equally disgraceful with her insults on TWO occassions now.

    She is pained about Giddy believing Doyin lies and Chi Chi about Doyin gossiping with Diana about Deji.
    DIANA IS IN EVERY GOSSIP SESSION but calls others idiot.
    They should BOTH be punished

  6. Chi Chi is accountable for her actions – she is always looking for fight even in level 1 she was always fighting. It’s unfair to blame that on Phyna.

    With regard to Chi Chi, she thinks this is a strip club where she fight for men Mxm annoying

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