Big Brother Naija 2022: CHICHI & ADEKUNLE’S F!GHT | Big Brother Naija LEVEL UP | Big Brother Naija SEASON 7 |

Big Brother Naija 2022: CHICHI & ADEKUNLE’S F!GHT | Big Brother Naija LEVEL UP | Big Brother Naija SEASON 7 | GLORY ELIJAH Binge WATCH all…


  1. Am confused Oo, the person u are even shouting on have no idea, if not for Rachel that went to tell him🤣😂Rachel don start the work biggie give am, Chichi just want to bring up something and use Deji leaving the house as an excuse. U said Adekunle said the ship would Sink, he asked u when he said that and u said that DAY, geez immediately she said that I went down, why are u now saying it like it just happened. U guys just want to paint Adekunle black but No he’s going to keep on shining. 🤍Love Glory.

  2. I don’t know why people attack or have problems with adekunle, although I observe adekunle talks but who in that houses don’t talks about others. What else should they talks about. Glory I think you are right about sheggz misleading ppl

  3. Sheggz plans will fail, useless instigator with K-leg. Adekunle has self control. CHI CHI THE SHIP WITH DEJI CANT EVEN SAIL BECAUSE OF CHI CHI( DISRESPECTFUL AND IMMORAL GIRL). Welldone Theory Aunty

  4. Guys I want to be 100% honest and just express that, I feel like Sheggz is very intimidated by by Adekunle's character. He thought he would be the shining one out of all the male housemates but when he got into the house he realized that Adekunle is his competition. Adekunle might not be rich but he has presence and good mannerisms, which he knows will win a lot of people over. It is not about Bella that he dislikes Adekunle but because of insecurities, just because he comes from money does not mean he is stable and satisfied as a person, because if he was then he wouldn't use money as a reference of himself. Sheggz knows without the money and fame he has, he wouldn't stand a chance on the show. Let's call a spade, a spade finish.

  5. Adekunle is wrong, he is a gossip and full of anger..and it's that anger will send him home, he is practically full of anger and pls Gloria stop being partial in your narrative. Adekunle is never wrong in your sight even when he is on the face of a woman, he should be ashamed of himself

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