Big Brother Naija 2022: BIGGIE’S MISSION FOR MODELLA | Big Brother Naija LEVEL UP | Big Brother Naija SEASON 7 |

Big Brother Naija 2022: BIGGIE’S MISSION FOR MODELLA | Big Brother Naija LEVEL UP | Big Brother Naija SEASON 7 | WATCH GLORY ELIJAH Binge…


  1. Fswg you've said it all for me I think Beauty is belittling herself cmon she's a pretty lady I don't think that ship btw herself and Groovy is not going to work out at all bcos Groovy doesn't care at all, for Beauty I think the earlier the better she realized that Groovy is not caught for the attention she's looking for the better for her bcos she lack emotional intelligence, I'm optimistic that Modella will succeed in a task bcos Groovy is open to anyone, well let's wait and see how things pans out on that front, kudos to u Fswg for ur detailed analysis on this reality show. To me no favorite winner for me yet unlike Laycon and White money era. Thanks

  2. Glory, I am with you ooo, Modella should play well in scattering that tiring ship. Biggie should also ask Beauty what is her aim in the game like he asked Ozo in S5. Beauty is disappointing to me. She is not my Fav. but I am just concerned about her lack of concentration in the game. She needs a brain reset from Modella. Well done with your analysis👏

  3. Glory did you see where ilebaye asked modella to excuse her when she and Bryan were on a conversation mehnnnn I pray she will be able to handle the task biggie gave her, nd you have said it with beauty also 😀 let’s watch n see sha

  4. I don't really see it in Modella but hey let's give her a chance and not underestimate her like we did with sister Daniella😅 who's proving us wrong lately

  5. Glory honestly I don’t have faith in modela carrying out biggie’s assignment successfully. She is way too calm for that role if you ask me. If it were someone like Amaka then we will definitely see vawulence. However let’s just wait and see how things unfold. As for beauty and groovy I am very very exhausted with their drama. Same thing all the time. Why can’t beauty just be without groovy. Honestly she’s pissing me off with her foolishness. Biggie should give Deji same assignment in level 1 house. I want to see sheggz and Bella drama

  6. To me all i can say is that Beauty is here for love and nothing else unfortunately for her she is the one bearing the weight of the so called relationship

  7. Modela or Mandela or whatever is not meant to be the fake housemate, I hate boring people. Doyin would have given us enough content as the fake housemate.

  8. I maybe wrong but I feel this modella girl don’t have the guts to carry out this mission. Someone with the guts of Angel from last season will be the perfect candidate. But let’s see sha

  9. I'm really glad biggie is seeing the ships and the distractions.. modella pls do your task well ohh … Remaining Deji's task

  10. Which one is belittling? You mean beauty is not worth groovy or vice versa? Stop it. Groovy is being circumspect. I actually feel he should get out of the toxic relationship or else use it as a game. Beauty is a mess in maturity… She's just a facade of what she thinks of herself. She needs to grow up.

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