Big Brother Naija 2022: BIGGIE SHOCKS PHYNA, GROOVY, BRYANN | Big Brother Naija LEVEL UP, Big Brother Naija SEASON 7, GLORY ELIJAH

Big Brother Naija 2022: BIGGIE SHOCKS PHYNA, GROOVY, BRYANN | Big Brother Naija LEVEL UP, Big Brother Naija SEASON 7, GLORY ELIJAH…


  1. So obviously you all don't get chomzy bitterness, chomzy doesn't like phyna not because she is a strong contender but cos of groovy matter, chom chom and groovy liked each other and now he is with phyna is what pains, chom chom win more tasks this week before you go home, however much they drag you don't worry that's life

  2. The only advice I want to give here is don't always be too quick to condemn the twist on the show. As much as I do not like the twist myself, I still believe there will surely be a good side to it.
    Who can imagine chomzy and phyna having a strange bromance?. I just love the fact that phyna has been very real so far with her emotions. Bryan and Groovy are very confused and somehow disappointed.
    This is a reunion before reunion

  3. Let's close this deal once and for all. Let's see the votes for Bella and sheggs tommorow. Thursday we go all out for Alyson to be in the top 3 with the highest votes, ieadekule and Hermes leaving our duton, bella and sheggs at the bottom 3😁😁😁😁😁πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺHurray

  4. Chiomzy feels she is strong and still a real housemate. For us the viewers, voting is where we determine their individual strength in the game. So bringing them back does not make sense to me. They can leave from there. Abi the day of eviction, Biggie will start with them or they will leave before the live eviction show? Biggie Abeg make sense of this whole twists.

  5. The twist is not making sense to me. These housemates have been evicted, for me they should leave. Why partake in house activities and also win in the sponsored tasks? Haba nau, it's not fair. Evicted means they can no longer participate in the show. What is d job of the riders? Biggie should have used them. If these evicted housemates return to the house, the message they will send is that they are the strongest players and this is what is annoying us the viewers. You can hear chomsy bragging they the real housemates have just levelled up with them and this goes to prove that she is strong meanwhile she is the lowest. It is not by winning tasks. I doubt if these housemates watch this show before now cos it baffles me when they come not prepared. Sabi she has won more tasks, what does biggie want her to win again? When the likes of Cyphe didn't win a dime. This twist came late, it should have earlier in the game. Time is fair spent and the house is still crowded. We dey watch πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

  6. Glory, you are just human and as humans, it's normal for us to be bias. Sheggz and Bella were not insulting or being rude to anyone. They were just trying to make their points clear and Phyna didn't not even want to listen as head of house. Phyna was actually looking for trouble but you guys will never see it because she's your queen and that's fine. she knew that these people were not eating with them, why would she want their food?

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