Big Brother Naija 2022: BELLA BETRAYED CHOMZY BECAUSE OF BEGINNINGS | Big Brother Naija LEVEL UP | Big Brother Naija SEASON 7 |

Big Brother Naija 2022: BELLA BETRAYED CHOMZY BECAUSE OF BEGINNINGS | Big Brother Naija LEVEL UP | Big Brother Naija SEASON 7 | GLORY ELIJAH Binge…


  1. Chomzy is at fault ,she broke girl code,how can I gist you something about someone and you will now go and tell the person and tell the person I told you, that's bullshit and stupidity.

  2. Bella and chichi know who they can do their rubbish for
    They know phyna is big
    The real definition of "when you're big you're big abeg" Big Phyna💯

  3. i just love the way you lay everything out… I feel like am actually watching the scenes even though i didnt watch them….thank you

  4. Glory, i thought amaka said chichi only asked her if groovy and phyna were dating and she yes. Even chichi confirmed it that amaka only told her groovy and phyna were dating

  5. I disagree with u,Phyna is the genesis of this this is wat she want,she ask Amaka to tell chichi…chichi told Bella..
    Why will Chomzy expo her source???
    I will deny too…

  6. Chomzy shud learn to be be wise in how she uses the information, that was just for her to know and use on her behalf if groovy persist.
    And Phyna as well, she didn't have to proof any point to groovy,….she should have just said that's their opinion, and ask him why does it bother him what other people think or say.💁‍♀️😅

  7. Groovy is the wrong one here. He tried to get Chomzy and didn’t get her based on the information she has about him and Phyna. He now takes the information to create chaos amongst all the ladies. The gossip is true. So why is phyna angry

  8. I do not think it is about fear, I think it's about teaching Chomzy a lesson that you don't go spilling the details of discussions with your friends especially when they didn't ask you to do it on their behalf. It's unfortunate but Chomzy could have still said "No" to groovy's advances without necessarily spilling what she heard to him. That said, I do not support the fact they all denied her Sha.

  9. In all honesty Chomzy just wanted to confront groovy about the whole thing because groovy is making moves on her and she just wanted to know if his relationship with phyna is serious or not based on the gist Bella gave her but the only issue is that chomzy shouldn’t have given names rather had been like I heard around the house that you and Houma did this this and this

  10. Phyna is actually a sweet soul otherwise Amaka suppose collect. Yes oo Glory Bella, Chichi, are all scared of Phyna and they better be scared of her cos she will fling them against the wall. Chomzy won HOH yday and Bella didn't congratulate her. Yes, I think Phyna knows how bitter and unforgiving Amaka is now but she is letting Amaka to continue to live in her mirage. I was shocked hearing Amaka rant about Phyna snatching Groovy from her to Deji immediately Phyna left the lounge

  11. I was thrilled when Chomzy won HOH, it was KARMA coming to bite AMAKA, BELLA AND CHICHI. Now PHYNA knows she’s got NO FRIENDS especially among the ladies.

  12. Nobody fears nobody in that house by the way. Amaka has already clashed with Phyna twice in that house and heaven did not fall. As for Chomzy she fuck up big time, this is a wise up gist which she supposed to use subtly but love no let her use her head so make she carry her cross cause nobody betrayed her infact na she betrayed her friends. Glory I will suggest since AMAKA is part of the family u can actually reach out to her for premium gist whenever she is out of the house, cause AL JAZEERA sees and reports everything.

  13. Nobody is scared of anybody in that house. Last last phyna will get disqualified if she decides burn biggies house. If you're mad, display your madness in ur house.

  14. It's just girl code. Why would I tell u a gossip and you will throw me under the bus in front of the person I'm gossiping about. Girls will definately deny the gossip cause they dont want to appear like they care about u enough to gossip about you. That's exactly why bella and chi chi denied saying what they said.

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