Big Brother Naija 2022: BELLA AND PHYNA F! GHT, GROOVY SHEGGZ, Big Brother Naija LEVEL UP, Big Brother Naija SEASON 7, GLORY ELIJAH

Big Brother Naija 2022: BELLA AND PHYNA F!GHT, GROOVY SHEGGZ, Big Brother Naija LEVEL UP, Big Brother Naija SEASON 7, GLORY ELIJAH…


  1. This particular fight just made me go off on Phyna
    Felt like she had something extra towards this girl cause whatttt
    You’ll beat her if you were outside the house. Lol, like you can even come close to her
    That aside bc of that statement she said she belong to the streets.
    Babe started insulting Bella’s upbringing. You don’t do that.
    But no, you just judged Bella’s view alone. Looks like you’re even justifying Phyna’s action

    It’s even like a gang up on those two from these three girls. Chichi is disgustingly doing too much🤧.
    I just pity Bella’s mental health. It’s how she’s acting all tough😌

  2. It’s just how y’all are quick to call this Bella girl name. It’s too much abeg
    Y’all haven’t had one good thing to say about her since this whole season started.

  3. The way Phyna approached them all concerning the matter was rude too. Respect is reciprocal.
    Some humans don’t know how to ignore, Bella reacted to the approach.
    Same way y’all say Bella is rude, no one is perfect i know.
    Your Alpha Phyna has a dirty loud and rude attitude too..

  4. You decided to cut and join videos, narrate it to suit you and those who will foolishly jump into conclusion when we all watched it.

  5. Its true that both ladies misunderstandood themselves at the start BUT saying someone's from the streets will definitely piss off anybody. Phyna could have taken softer weapons but hey, tooth for a tooth and eye for an eye.

    And for once 3/4 of that house stood up to shella's as habits for once thanks for Phyna so yes am happy Phyna did what she did.

  6. Sheggs must learn to mind his business he likes entering in ladies fight and he is so rude with bella they isolating them selves and there are the one who fight a lot

  7. Phyna is the HOH this week, so Bella and sheggz are wrong for disrespecting their leader period. Let them wait to sit on the HOH throne and take insult from HMs, then they'll understand better.

  8. Shegz was served right in his own cup of tea👌 He never acted what he claimed he is; so disrespectful, full of himself and extremely arrogant

  9. The same Doyin who had question the upbringing of her fellow level one housemates during a conversation with allyson is the same person bashing phyna,. I laugh in my dialect

  10. Bella is too much she must go home with her husband and go get married.. the most annoying ship ever…lack of content and soo petty…so proud they think they can belittle housemates as if the own the world…mumu people…what is even doyin doing in that house

  11. All I can say is if you come for me I will come for your father or mother, since you have the mind to come for me I will pick your family, it’s non of my business

  12. Glory always said tge truth let truth set u free , phyna came and hadbella talking about food because she new it was Bella talking , she now said I don't want to be hearing food nonsense hear again . Why say the truth.

  13. English hard some pple, Bella's statement and Phynas statement r d same thing but Bella started it Frist. So she shld accept it like dat

  14. Phyna was wrong to tell Bella not to discuss about the convo about food. Phyna has no right to tell bella what to discuss about. Nonsense! Phyna was extremely wrong here. Delusional Stans

  15. Sheggs stood up when phyna asked Bella who trained her.
    He wanted to carry fight on his head like phyna took her self from d street.

  16. Phyna was rude with d way she said it.but at that point,she didn't call anybody's name cuz chomzy,Bella and Doyin was dia.

    But las Las I loved d way phyna finished Bella and sheggs.d met someone above them🤣

  17. Sheggz and Bellla think they're heaven's favorite. It's enough and they should literally have several seats. The world doesn't revolve around them. 'Soccer player' and 'softlife' should learn humility. 📌

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