Big Brother Naija 2022: BELLA AND CHICHI RECONCILIATE | Big Brother Naija LEVEL UP | Big Brother Naija SEASON 7 |

Big Brother Naija 2022: BELLA AND CHICHI RECONCILIATE | Big Brother Naija LEVEL UP | Big Brother Naija SEASON 7 | WATCH GLORY ELIJAH Binge…


  1. Hmmmm, so short analysis about Bella n Chichi's reconciliation cos with their discussion it was clear that Chichi was the one who abused their friendship by inheriting a quarrel that was not her at a time they considered her a friend. Chichi seeing with her eyes during their reviews that Rachel pushed the food n not Bella pouring the food as earlier insinuated. If the discussion exposed Bella in a bad light, glory would have analysed in a detailed way, calling out Bella in those areas

  2. I don’t know why some people are always carried away with sweet talks when they can obviously see how abusive he can be in a relationship.. should we take just the romantic side alone and ignore the harsh treatment he displayed when there are proofs pointing to red flags all around. Bella’s family knows what’s right for her they should do their best.

  3. Glory, in this life… even the worst person on earth will have supporters. AFTERALL EVEN WHEN A MAN BEATS HIS WIFE TO THE POINT OF HOSPITALIZATION, some women will still say THE WIFE CAUSED HIM TO BEAT HER. With all the verbal abuse we all saw LIVE ON BBN, YET SOME PEOPLE ARE PAINTING SHEGZ AS A SAINT. No matter what Shegz says or does, some people would support him. But to be honest, If Bella doesn't care about it…CASE CLOSED. I wish them happy married life

  4. Yes Bella is a negative and rude person at times, but that doesn't disqualify Sheggs from being a toxic and abusive boyfriend. Throwing his ex's laptop and scattering her makeup? Pushing her head against the wall and chasing her? Not wanting her to talk to other men? Let's understand love bombing and the signs of domestic violence guys!

  5. I’m not surprised at those ladies. cos sometime ago on social media, there was a viral video of a lady who said she only believes her boyfriend loves her because he heats her. Hope it’s all strategy so they can sha collect things from SHIP fans😂

  6. OMG! I love beautybybemi! She is one of my favorite makeup gurus and storytime youtubers and I never knew she dated sheggs. So interesting! I remember how she used to talk about her ex who would be ultra possessive and aggressive towards her and everything makes sense now.

  7. Good of chichi and Bella to come to an understanding.. all these sheggz matter.. make the guy rest😂. She's chasing clout and it's so obvious, it's so unnecessary and ppl will milk every lil opportunity to drag sheggz..she should move on like she says she has . They both were in a relationship together, we don't know the whole story. It's 100 percent Sheggz's character, all what she tweeted.. but it's just clout chasing.. we've seen this countless times and I'm not even a sheggz fan

  8. Not defending Bella because she's also rude and toxic, but that doesn't mean she should be abused. Sadly, “I don't understand” how she is so ANNOYINGLY NAIVE that she is not even aware what is happening to her! When she comes out she will defend Sheggz with her full chest.

    What was described in Bemi's tweets follow exactly the same pattern of Sheggz Modus Operandi with Bella.

    Anyone, who can't see is either being abused as well in their own relationship without knowing it or they are abusers themselves who don't see anything wrong with that behavior or perhaps are also annoyingly naive as well or just simply unwise like Hermes

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