Big Brother Naija 2022: BEAUTY’S BROTHER DEFENDING IT | Big Brother Naija LEVEL UP | Big Brother Naija SEASON 7 |

Big Brother Naija 2022: BEAUTY’S BROTHER DEFENDING IT | Big Brother Naija LEVEL UP | Big Brother Naija SEASON 7 | GLORY ELIJAH Binge…


  1. its not audacity….its alcohol overload and blatant ignorance by a black buffoon in finest display. funny! beauty for me was just native with negativity from the jump and unfortunately, she landed precariously to her detriment. come back where? that's a far cry that should never be heard. to the left, to the left – like beyonce sang….funny enough, yaba too, is to the left. LOL

  2. But the first Saturday was a guiness party so that attitude was not cos of alcohol because beers have the barest alcohol content… And there are clear similarities between the two altercation, that is why I feel she might be emotionally volatile normally and she has to work on it to come back better…

  3. that beautys brother he's just don't know what is wrong and write really he should appreciate that beauty she deserves to be out there before she make a mess there she needs help that child

  4. There's no justification to bad behavior, this man is obviously clout chasing. Whomsoever is coming out to defend Beauty's gross misconduct is part of the major problems are faced with in the society, the public should be weary of such people and never hesitate to call them out. Beauty can be a better person, until she is as for now she has fucked up big time. She has let us down.

  5. Script or not like you said her PR matters, I like what her management wrote, excellent but I have an issue with her interview with someone, I just heard a part of it, she said Groovy claimed "Chimosy came to drag him is he a piece of furniture?" what she says henceforth matters…
    Negative attitude or toxic/violent attitude is not a definition of content cos either we like it or not, these acts have a way of affecting our relationship or actions in the society, either directly or indirectly…
    The alcohol did not say come and carry me, we are responsible for our actions…

  6. On the other way, some of us judging her has done worse things and if we are giving opportunity to be in Biggie's mansion, we will do worse. We are too quick in calling names and insulting instead of advising. Nawao

  7. Beauty brother, I beg park well, she have you and did not correct her at home. Now she bring it to national TV. She should stop taking alcohol of any kind pls

  8. I'm also impressed with the released statement, it doesn't seem to be defensive or to justify bad behavior. Promising start!

  9. So the best part is when your sister tells everyone that her breasts were sucked and she was fingered. Was that the best content for you? What is this world becoming? Why is it that we Africans always support stupidity? I really liked Beauty, but she didn't do too much in the house that made everyone start to get tired of her.

  10. Now this is an attempt to save face 😹😹😹 scripted where 🤷🏾. If it was scripted she would have revealed half truths not airing you dirty laundry about how you went 3rd base with a guy you hardly know on continental TV.

    Ncawh shame that’s family for you 😻 the real ride or die’s. They did well by defending her and not distancing themselves from her.

  11. What is done is done beauty had disappointed us whether it was scripted or not the fact still remains that her disqualification was kinda disgraceful there's no two ways about it meanwhile I wish her the very best on her new chapter

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