Big Brother Naija 2022: Beauty will invite Phyna and Groovy to her party | Sheggz and Bella, what are they saying?

Big Brother Naija 2022: Beauty invites Phyna and Groovy to her party | what are they all saying? bnaija 2022, Big Brother Naija meeting 2022, Big Brother Naija …


  1. We're okay don't put words in our mouth. Invitation is not by force pls and it's her birthday How can she invite her by force, seriously you vloggers like violence and cook it even if it's not there's.

  2. Imagine!!!online in-laws everywhere and av been thinking majorly of fans Bella and sheggz has are not even related to them so why are people want to cause problems for those two they are adults and love happen for them you people should live them in peace

  3. But acting that way is to make people talk!! U xan still be private but do not act like u're umcomfortable with the guy around you!! It's sending a bad signal!!beauty would only invite people she is comfortable with… these pple need to relax.

  4. Please dey are happy y will you say dey not happy if beauty did not invite phyna did dt remove anything from phyna

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