Big Brother Naija 2022: BEAUTY GOES ON STRIKE, NEW ROOMMATES | Big Brother Naija LEVEL UP, Big Brother Naija SEASON 7, GLORY ELIJAH

Big Brother Naija 2022: BEAUTY GOES ON STRIKE, NEW ROOMMATES | Big Brother Naija LEVEL UP, Big Brother Naija SEASON 7, GLORY ELIJAH…


  1. Your predictions were so accurate Glory. I literally thought of you when biggie gave his verdicts. Modella will literally choke in the trenches😄 Those girls are mean. I want Deji to sink Belggz ship😋
    Your singing voice is amazing🥰👌🏽

  2. Glory pls I did not get ur explanation very well…are u saying it is official that deji and modella are fake housemates?

  3. Please sorry that am asking another question but I really want to know please, what are the qualifications for you to be in big brother naija house

  4. I had hoped for a disqualification for Beauty, she bored me with her actions. Her stubborness in standing by those reckless actions the WHOLE of the next day, bored me even more. Am praying she does it again and a third time so she can be removed from our screens. Epitome of I am above everyone and know better too, may the world humble you🙄

  5. So Groovy still apologies to everyone that may have been affected by all parties involved is still is still a problem? Really?

  6. Glory, it seems biggie comes to listen to your comments before passing judgements…😀😀. Weldone you. You keep me current and I don't miss anything even when I missed. Thanks for being thorough. 💞

  7. I'm Beginning to think Glory is Big Brother or Big Brother sûres watches your videos and be like 🤔 "Yeah this girl is right. I'm gonna do just that"

  8. When I heard the judgement…Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen, I simply thought Biggie saw your video about it ni o…….Spot on as always!!!!!

  9. For Ebuka to acknowledge u … It means the crew watches ur video.. get ready toke will invite u for the buzz again… U re going places my queen of analysis 👍

  10. Am sorry to sayyy this ohhh but this timee around, we have good looking Yoruba guys & Babes ohhhh💯💯💯💯Am prouddddd😀😀

  11. Seriously it was damned hot last night in biggies house.,.. Glory just that you've said this season is going to be one of the best of bbnaija.
    For me I think Groovy did the right thing apologizing….I think he felt bad at the situation of things that all d resulted to, afterall he didn't plan any of this, and like I wud always say, Beauty shud not take things to herself so deeply. We have likes of Bella, who is playing hers maturely. She equally did Bella wrong, for sure her eyes are on Sheggz yet she doesn't want anyone near Groovy….

    Game of winning a 100 million is at stake….yes feelings will emerge cos they are humans buh she shud be put more of self controlling strategy ooooh

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