Big Brother Naija 2022: AMAKA’S BREAK WITH GIDDYFIA | Big Brother Naija LEVEL UP | Big Brother Naija SEASON 7 |

Big Brother Naija 2022: AMAKA’S BREAK WITH GIDDYFIA | Big Brother Naija LEVEL UP | Big Brother Naija SEASON 7 | GLORY ELIJAH Binge…


  1. I thought I was the only one that was muzzed by the fact that groovy brought it upπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚…it was the hands on the waist stuff that almost killed me

  2. Any guy serious with any lady would be kinda possessive…..I mean he lets her Socialise but of cos no girl in a serious thing should be rocking another person in a party. If Groovy is possessive, what will u call Sheggz? Lol 🀣

  3. GLORY Groovy and Phyna ship is "Groophy Ship" am not a shipper but Groophy ship is the best at the moment and they look cute together, Groovy is marking his territory tbh l like Groophy ship asides the fact that Groovy is my favorite their ship is the best so far this season. Thanks GLORY for the top-notch analysis you are good at what you do no cap!!! Weldone sis

  4. Glory, haven't you noticed that it is groovy that is always initiating such rules before parties and will be the one to break it to make the girl go crazy. Like that night with beauty n chomzy with groovy and phyna with the chichi issue.

  5. Honestly, I'm loving Phyna and Groovy, and I pray it works out for them outside the house.

    Groovy na Igbo man, Anambra for that matter, they don't joke with their women, and they provide everything their wife wants.

  6. My sister I think I like the fact that they are making it clear that is a real thing and it's coming from groovy first, it's so cute and I believe they will go far because phyna is an understanding person and groovy love how she takes care of him and how he has never felt that much care for a long time, they are not lost after each other because from the beginning there was no feelings and we all know that true love is the one that actually develop with time not the one that just happens because the person is this or looks like that.

  7. I just feel sorry for Beauty for not managing her emotions properly. This guy is something else. In my opinion, Beauty has been totally vindicated. Remember, he was the one that asked Beauty, who should I not dance with & she bluntly told him not to dance with Chiomzy & boom he's at the back of Chiomzy, claiming she dragged him since he's a furniture in Beauty's voice. But look at him today. I pray & need people to drill them with questions during their media rounds. She said it that he's more territorial but nobody believed her. Under the duvet he's saying a different thing, when he comes out it's a different ball game & somebody must take the fall & be responsible for his sorry ass. He made Beauty look like she was insane, but he's actually the one insane & a big clown. If not for the sex gossip in the house, he would have gravitad towards Chiomzy & blame it on Phyna for not holding him tight enough.

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