Big Brother Naija 2022: ALLYSYN FRIENDZONED ADEKUNLE | Big Brother Naija LEVEL UP | Big Brother Naija SEASON 7 |

Big Brother Naija 2022: ALLYSYN FRIENDZONED ADEKUNLE | Big Brother Naija LEVEL UP | Big Brother Naija SEASON 7 | GLORY ELIJAH Binge…


  1. 1. It's okay to want to get to know someone to see if things can work between you two
    2. It's also okay to want to leave the ship if you feel it's not gonna sail beautifully
    3. It's been barely three weeks since they all met, so it hasn't gotten that deep. Breaking off at this point is not a bad thing
    4. You must not 'die there'.. it's not a do or die affair. You meet someone and after some months of knowing them you find out they're not giving you the feelings you want. Why stay?
    5. Please y'all need to watch "Love Island" show and see how relationship works
    6. Cut Allyson some slack please.. PS I'm not in support of betrayal of any form. But it's too early to tag it "betrayal" Everyone is literally still testing the waters

  2. I think it's strategic for Allyson, if you look at it well her name has been on people's lips since Sunday, maybe she realized she wasn't giving us any content

  3. I will be happy if deji really rejects her and if she tries to go back to adekunle he will reject her too.

    Because I don't understand this strategy or game she is playing.
    Breaking adekunle heart for no reason if he was the one that did it now heaven and earth will know what happened.

  4. So Deji has destroyed the AllyKunle ship without even trying? Modella actually destroyed the BryaBaye ship too if we must be honest.

  5. It surprises me how some ladies fail to see when a man loves them genuinely,they’ll rather go for that person that doesn’t really care so much about them as they do.

  6. It’s pain to watch only level 2 being nominated for eviction.. it’s not fair to watch them in pain and being oppressed by level 1 and na boring people full that level 1… this whole spilt up is rubbish

  7. I personally don't think that deji would be interested in a girl like allysyn, boys like deji like to have good looking babe that they can show off and mess around with.

  8. It’s not really out of blue on Saturday night party groovy came to dance with her and adegunle took her away and she did not like it

  9. Let’s not blame Allison, there’s a reason why she breakup with Adekunle, I’m a ghal I know. Maybe she think that Adekunle doesn’t feel her🤷🏼‍♀️

  10. I am not sure what is going on with S7 girls they are all trying to be in ships. I thought Allyson and adekole kissed under their duvet.

  11. I feel people are taking this thing too deep it’s not like they were in a relationship. Also Alison did not force herself on anyone, Adekunle was attracted to her too

  12. Hello Glory,it's not a ship but a canoe,she can play with him,I do not think Adekunle is even into Allyson like that,so she shuld pack her load jare,Afircan queen like her…..this is what we call two can play The game

  13. No other man is even interested in her in that house or even noticed her so she should have been happy that adekunle had her time tchups she’s not even that pretty

  14. Gloria my dear,U said Na one body dey carry come bb hse yes but dey can go wit 2body,one inside n d one u see ,after all condom don almost finished Wetin do am

  15. Are u sure Allyson doesn't just want to bring up a storyline for herself..this is fishy.. I think decided not to be laid back anymore and stir some drama boat.

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