Big Brother Naija 2022: ADEKUNLE PLOTS AGAINST DOYIN | Big Brother Naija LEVEL UP, Big Brother Naija SEASON 7 |

Big Brother Naija 2022: ADEKUNLE PLOTS AGAINST DOYIN | Big Brother Naija LEVEL UP, Big Brother Naija SEASON 7 | GLORY ELIJAH Binge…


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  2. Dirty games Adekunle. Guess what? Level up season has taken things to another level. These guys are playing with our emotions. We love it. That is content. Silly as it may appear to be 👍👍Go Glory.

  3. Amaka's eviction has taught me that having too much of a strategy or trying to be friends with everyone can cause one's demise. Adekunle must stride carefully.

  4. Adekunle is trying to play a game in the mind of viewers,trying to put himself on the spotlight for people to vote for him, so he is just realizing himself, let's see how he shows the wickedness

  5. You guys might sing Adekunle praises but I deem him as being an utter coward and opportunistic. Why go for a WOMAN instead of SHEGGS or/and BELLA for that matter and make an example of the pair?? I’ll sing and dance and ululate if Adekunle could orchestrate Sheggs removal NOW. Karma is a biatch…Adekunle will be evicted before Sheggs and Bella, pin this statement. It’ll backfire sooner than later. I for one am not impressed

  6. No one spray any gossip about him Adekunle yet he got five nominations. He should continue to play with people's emotions as a strategy. What rubbish

  7. There is something about Adekunle that I find malicious. I cannot fully like him…trying to put my finger on it🤔🤔. But Doyin is so annoying and a pathological liar. She even tried to convince Allysyn that she didn't have any discussion with Chichi and Allysyn had to remind her that she told her that she had.

  8. Okay, to Adekunle that is a game well played kudos to him, and I pray he doesn't become the winner of bbnaija this season, he is not worth it.

  9. This adekunles plan may as well back fire, Because I don't think doyin is as gullible as amaka, please she shouldn't be.. I hope she quickly gets his strategy and cautions herself on time … I pray adekunles plan backfires… I really hope so…

  10. Adekunle is playing a dangerous game, he too was not entirely safe yesterday as he got alot of nominations and now he is revealing his plans to Eloswag. I hope it won't come crashing down on him.

  11. Please go check, Doyin also got multiple nominations the previous week, so it's not entirely as a result of Adekunle's conspiracy this time

  12. Btw, Doyin said she doesn't like Allyson's rship with Hermes coz she was pissed that Allyson wasn't paying attention to her since they merged the house

  13. Adekunle kuku didn’t succeed yesterday, he himself got the same nomination as Doyin..God is a God of wonders, if biggie should have removed 3 yesterday, Adekunle will follow Doyin

  14. That means Adekunle is the only housemate delivering what he promised. Trouble!!!! . The rest are not giving the vibes they promised when entering the bbn house.

  15. I don't like a housemate destroying negatively fellow HM to play his/her game. Honestly I really don't like the person he chose to do that too. He might shoot himself at leg.

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