Big Brother Naija 2022: 2ND PRESENTATION OF THE BET TASK | Big Brother Naija LEVEL UP | Big Brother Naija SEASON 7 |

Big Brother Naija 2022: 2ND PRESENTATION OF THE BET TASK | Big Brother Naija LEVEL UP | Big Brother Naija SEASON 7 | GLORY ELIJAH Binge…


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  2. Level 1 deserved their win. A sport naturally should be competitive that's the idea of sports. Level 2 were smiling and laughing and Phyna's hype was the entertainment and it was hype not commentary. Sports don't hype like that. Level 1 were serious and competition and I was entertained to see who will glad they won

  3. To be honest level one did very well,am a teacher by professional and level one game l can use it with kids but level two game it wasn't interesting where can you use it to me no no no…… level up level one well done 👍

  4. Glory is on the level 2 housemate side this time, even if she doesn't want to admit it , I understand that is her opinion and she is very disappointed that the level 2 didn't win, but she is trying to put the level 1 housemate down to make up for the level 2 not winning,glory, if u watch ur video again when u are relaxed, then u will understand, coz maybe u did this video when u were filling heartbroken when biggy declare the winner to be level 1 housemate , but seriously level 1 deserves to win, and big brother did not make them win cos they put more effort during the week or felt pity for them, biggy just gave them a win cos they truly deserve it. Biggy does have any favorite, the reason why there is a show is to give fair judgment to those that deserve it,,,,, and lets admit that beauty, apart from what she said about the players being scattered all over the place which also the same thing happened to their game as well, we could see who is out, who is breaking the rules coz they were all playing at the same time , everything else that she said was just out of jelousy cos she mentioned something about the task going to be the a peace of cake for them when she went to take the stuffs from the store room and Bryan told her that she shouldn't under estimate the level 1 housemate , cos they are really good in sport and that's what made her say all those things, coz she new that they where going to lose , no cap and that is reason why groovy ask her not to say anything, it is coz he knew that beauty will just embarrassed herself and he new that they already lost. When level 2 win, it's fair, but when level 1 win it's not fair, can we all be fair for once. Let's stop judgment the level 1 housemate on what they said about the level 2 housemate, just to make up for level 2 not winning and creating a unique sport, coz the level 2 housemate after winning their first task, also had alot to say about the level 1 housemate, if we have to speak about who criticize who, then we should do it in a different video and just give it up for the level 1 housemate for deservigly winning the task.

  5. But actually lvl 1 sport was more unique and new, but lvl 2 sport actually looks Likes Dodge ball which is a sport that already exists, but in as much as it was kinda similar to dodge ball, it was still more entertaining than the the lvl 1. But lvl 1 did a good job. 🙏

  6. This level 1 always think they are the best imagine sheggz speaking ill of the game with proud,omg well its fyn just let level 2 win hoh lasan chomzy and bella are in trouble

  7. Biggie should have scored them according to the criteria then announce the level with the highest score. Beauty criticism was actually spot on unlike Sheggz own. For me level 1 brought sport while level 2 brought cruise, I expected better from both levels

  8. I disagree with you on this glory, apart from phyna’s funny commentaries , everything else level 2 did was too plain . Immediately I saw the baloons in the bucket I said “I know this game now” then their cheer leading was terrible too. I think level 1 deserved it 100. Their game was so unique and interesting and competitive. It was like watching football 🤣. Bum ball is a game that can definitely be added to the olympics. I was so entertained

  9. Most Africans might not see American Baseball entertaining, the same way most Americans don't see football/soccer entertaining. Just to say that "entertaining" is all about the person watching the game.

    Therefore, "creativity" should have been the focus. Despites the fact that I love watching Level 2 housemates because they are more real but for this task Level 1 deserves to win. There is no game that's 100% play by the defined rules. So, breaking the rule is okay.

    Level 1 came up with an unique game, they were well prepared, the cheerleaders were on point and the commentators were "very good" and unanimous.

    Level 2 game was not that unique. I usually play a similar game with my 3 years old boy with water balloons. They wasted times putting themselves together, and the cheerleaders were not that on point. Despites the fact that I love "pidgin" but using that language makes it appeal to Nigerians alone. How about those from other countries that are watching BBNaija?

    Yes, Level2 game was entertaining to me compare to Level 1. However, I feel that Level 1 deserves their win.

  10. Sincerely speaking Glory prefer the Level 2 housemate's other than the Level 1 housemate's. I'm not a fan of a particular housemate but you always complain about any slightly thing Sheggz does and it's really becoming very annoying in these your channel

  11. Level 1 definitely deserved the win and their game was way more entertaining than level 2. With level 2, the game itself wasn’t entertaining it was just Phyna’s jokes that were funny so I think Biggie was very fair with his judgment

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