Big Brother House on Fire as Caesar Salad Causes Problem

Housemates were assigned a task with Amazon Farms in which the part of the requirement involve both levels preparing a dish as specified by Biggie. The housemates in each level were made to split into two teams making each team prepare their own food. The first two were from Level 2 while the last 2 were from the Level 1 House. The Teams were Caesar Salad, Goat Meat Egusi and Pounded Yam, Vegetable rice and Chicken as well as Pasta and Prawns.

The presentation started and the last team to give a presentation of their meal was the level 2 caesar salad team consisting of housemates like Phyna, Bryann, and Ilebaye. Hermes and Sheggz found their pronunciation of the word Caesar weird and didn’t hesitate to correct them. The Caesar salad team was very angry and expressed their anger on their way back to their seats

After the presentation and when everybody returned back to their houses, Doyin expressed her annoyance about Sheggz and Hermes’ actions stating that they were only being petty and those actions of theirs weren’t important. In response to her aggravations, Sheggz made it known to her that he was only being a supportive friend to Hermes as he spoke first and also reminded Doyin who seem to have forgotten that this is all a competition and there was no room for being friends with their rivals.

Doyin who was about to lose her cool replied that “it’s not in her nature to get dirty because we are in a competition”. The whole discussion which seemed to have cooled off took a new turn off the heat when Sheggz asked to talk with Doyin who blatantly refused which made Sheggz result to calling Doyin “Disgustingly Rude” and left.

After a while, Bella came to meet Doyin to address the issue and Doyin apologized to Bella because, during the course of the altercation, she mentioned Bella’s name. She stated that she felt Sheggz’s attitude during the presentation was uncalled for and should not have happened.

Bella left for the Dinning area to discuss with Sheggz, Chichi, Chomzy, and Hermes regarding Doyin’s point of view. All the housemates at the table disagreed with Doyin’s view and felt she had no right dictating how her fellow Housemates should react to issues in the House.

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