Big Brother Canada 11 | 3/24 Digital Daily Summary

Big Brother Canada may have changed its format, but we all care about consistency here at RHAP! Say hello to Taran Armstrong…


  1. Far too many of these players are absolutely clueless although I was surprised Dan knew as much as he did (which still wasn't much). Also, I was wondering when Ty would start rubbing other people the wrong way with how he communicates. His convo with Vanessa was just weirdly combative. He gets the same way with Claudia too. If he continues to approach other players like this when things don't go his way…. I don't see many of them taking it kindly but I'm here for the mess.

  2. Ty is so hot. And Zach is a little cute too. I would rather see both of them suffer by losing their Allie’s and making dumb moves because their egos got bruised. All I want out of this week is for Vanessa not to go home. Let her stir up the pot.

  3. Ty argues with Vanessa because of votes. Vanessa blows up Zach's game yet Kuzi thinks she can hide that nobody influenced her choices.

  4. Zach and Ty running the third HoH in a row. This is the third HoH I was excited for just to find out they're giving those two guys what they want. This is pathetic.

  5. I feel extremely robbed, if we had the context the feeds would've provided Ty almost certainly would've been a 6 or a 7 on the stockwatch last week, but because of the false perception we got from the dailies that Ty was going down with Zach's sinking ship he lost me 16% of my money rather than getting the gain he deserved.

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