Beauty shows off her new boyfriend in South Africa😳 as Bella fans come H @rd on Phyna

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  1. I don't think is Bella 's fans, they are from beauty's fanbase because the even asked her to be friends with Beauty, anyway, one thing 4 sure bell did not ask permission to be friend phyna, it's up to them

  2. That person who is talking about phyna that she prefare beauty than's fine that's person who was talking it's her own nasty business. It's not our business..Las.las we love ❤ 💜 💕 Phyna end of the story…let that person restoooooooo

  3. They're not humans, Phyna didn't do anything to Beauty, Beauty said she doesn't want again,so another person will not follow Groovy again, majority of BBN fans are not humans, whaaaat. They will get tired one day. I do follow Nengi, Nengi suffered insult from Nigerians, but now, they're removing their ugly hands from Nengi. One day they will remove hand from Phyna, Indi obi joor.

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