BEAUTY HAS BEEN DISQUALIFIED | Big Brother Naija 2022 | Big Brother Naija LEVEL UP | Big Brother Naija SEASON 7 |

BEAUTY HAS BEEN DISQUALIFIED | Big Brother Naija 2022 | Big Brother Naija LEVEL UP | Big Brother Naija SEASON 7 | GLORY ELIJAH Binge…


  1. you all are here judging beauty as if your god sent you behaviour worse than her some of you`re husband snatchers and girlfriends snatchers none of you pay the school fees none of you feed her so just get over with it and stop saying she should have used common sense did you take her to school did you pay her fees you also here shouting speak like have perfume in your mouth that's what that's what makes you pay trolling people online please leave the girl alone she is disqualified she has not blamed anyone for her actions we know she's wrong but she's not going to come and apologize to you in person you are not parents so move on

  2. beauty first of all must not drink alcohol she must also go for anger management she must learn to control her anger and has no respect for housemates and knowing she on live TV she has no control glad she gone before something very bad happened

  3. I heard you mentioning even that Groovy doesn't hear he will dance with everybody in party.i watched everything even thy were quarrelling. Groovy was saying Beauty told him to dance with every body except Chomzy reason only Beauty knows why.even when they talked about it bf Groovy asked her is she ok about she said yes.. That's what Groovy did he danced with every body and was avoiding Chomzy. It seems knows he was avoiding to dance with her and went for him. According to wat Groovy said, he was avoiding her as Beauty demanded but Chomzy came and held him on his neck dancing with him and there is no way he will push her out bc it's party dance. That was when Beauty saw them and came to fight him bc of what they agreed on bf.Thats why others were Fighting Beauty that Chomzy danced with everybody that she shouldn't fight him and the guy is free to dance with anybody. That was when she called them hypocrite. Even Phyna said that she should free the guy is he Johnny Walker that will be standing one place she demonstrated Johnny Walker statue when she was talking to her. The guy is a cool nice guy that will abide by Beauty rules and command. The guy even said when he was talking about Beauty . Beauty will be in front of him telling him that she likes this guy she likes that guy he will keep quiet and ignore wat she is saying bc he is mature but if it him that does that it will become a problem. Beauty will dance with anybody he won't talk but when it's him she will be commanding who he will dance with. That's what that caused all this disqualification. The problems that girl is she is too controlling and commanding bc she thinks she Is Beauty and Miss Nigeria and she read law. I have heard her saying this her parents gave her beauty bc she is beautiful she read law for 5 years. All this entered her brain and she thinks she can control anybody she is in a relationship with. That's why she lack emotional intelligence, emotional control even if she likes the guy. Even big brother told her to learn how to control her she was drunk it's kinda escalated it more. She always misbehave whenever she drinks alcohol she knows her body doesn't carry alcohol she will go finish drinks even other housemates was saying it. When they tell her to stop drinking alcohol if her body can't carry it she won't. Even on Thursday pool party. It just that no fight bc nothing provoked her. But when she drinks and something provoke her it become worse.on a normal without drinks she doesn't behave violently like that rather she will only be talking but when alcohol enters it become worse. All these things contributed in her disqualification. A guy she just met barely two weeks she was already in a relationship demanding and commanding. She knows alcohol is not good for her system she will go and drink and become intoxicated after she will start regretting and blame it on alcohol. She is full of herself that she is beautiful. That's why she is foolish she has no sense, she lack intelligence that's why she didn't mind her title as former Miss Nigeria bc of her foolishness. She needs to work on her herself to get all this things she lacks back so she can move forward in life. I hope she learns from this experience bc they say experience is the best teacher. I like her she is my fav. She is lovable when she is cool. But this side of her is what she needs to work on. She didn't plan disqualification but all these brought it upon her.

  4. Beauty needs help we saw erica when she was drunk she acted like beauty but when it she got somber she used to feel ashamed of what she had done .but beauty I don't know she doesn't feel sorry even when she's somber I don't know if it has to do with her up bringing but she needs serious help.

  5. Beauty had every tendency of seriously hurting her fellow housemates, that girl seriously is not emotionally stable. She will really regret her actions when she comes out and find out she had a strong fanbase that was capable of taking her to the final day, and she let them down

  6. Yes, beauty outbursts is a know for me,but doyin contributed on this particular one,its all the rubbish doyin told her on the party grounds that made her to lash out on groovy like that. I just pray she handles the disqualification well and receive a proper therapy because she really needs it.

  7. Na wa! It's not all about being beautiful outside, how is your character? 🀷
    Beauty definitely deserves the disqualification and what makes it so sad is she really had a chance of being a finalist.
    I really hope she seeks and get help because that thing she displayed was legit scary. It looked like she lost her mind momentarily.
    And all for a man that was a stranger to you 2 weeks ago? Naaaa! 🀦🀦🀦
    And if that was a script she was playing then she is really madt!

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