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  1. Negative comments will not do Shella any harm!God has paved a way for the 2 AND they are now nearing the end of the road!Also like that they both believe that Only God Knows…

  2. Listening and a comprehension is a rare skill these days. Some people cannot comprehend just few sentences and its embarrassing. Peoples egos were bruised/ are being bruised especially of those those who felt entitled to Bella. Now that she is embarrassing her relationship with Sheggz and appreciating Shippers who saw beyond what haters saw they are playing dumbito some are threatening to leave her forgetting that that Sheggz FC and Shella shippers are now stanning her with their full chest now. They still cannot believe that they have collected.

  3. What she is trying to tell us is that it is God that knows tomorrow, but she should have said that in a better way than this, Bella must try to change from her old for some reason, don't allow it to get too late before you do this I pray you will not learn in a hard way, if you say you know how to talk, we have people that know how to listen and exaggerated what you said.

  4. You, people, find it difficult to understand simple expressions. What she said was that you people should stop attacking their relationships and literally confirmed that they are together but can be loved by fans individually or together . Nothing in line with your interpretation .

  5. Who told you that she is distancing herself. She is a lady she has to flex it's a ladies thing. Do you expect her to come out and pronounce her live when you guys are always dragging bella especially Nigerians we can be very judgemental just like you just did. You guys should let them be and know what the future holds for them abeg.

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