Ameerah Jones Big Brother 24 Houseguest Biography and Profile

Meet Ameerah Jones Big Brother 24 Houseguest

Meet Ameerah Jones Big Brother 24 Houseguest

Here’s everything you need to know about Big Brother 24 Star Ameerah Jones Wiki, Biography, Age, City, Occupation, Instagram, Hometown, Profile and more

When the cast of Big Brother 24 was revealed, we find out more about Ameerah Jones, a 31-year-old content designer from Westminster, Maryland, who will be competing for the $ 750,000 first-place prize this summer.

Name and surname Amerah Jones
Age 31
Sex Female
Home town Westminster, Maryland
Current City Westminster, Maryland
Instagram @
Occupation Content designer
Ameerah Jones Big Brother 24 Houseguest Biography and Profile

What is the best advice you received before going out to play?

Be yourself! It’s okay to cry if you have to cry. It’s okay when you want to celebrate. Be yourself, be authentic, be genuine throughout the whole experience.

How do you think people will perceive you?

I think people will perceive me as quite authentic. I will be very direct with everyone in the house, whether it’s something nice or something bad. My feelings will be told. People will know exactly how I feel. So I think people probably think I’m very authentic and genuine.

What types of players would you like the least of in your alliance?

The two timers! People who are also in another alliance, but are not aware of it. I want people who are super dedicated to the alliance we’re in. They are playing for only one team. They don’t play on two sides of the pitch.

What’s one thing other guests might not like about you?

Since I’m so blunt and tell it the way it is, sometimes they won’t like what I have to say. So I’m afraid I can say something that offends someone or hurts someone’s feelings. But I’m just such a simple person.

On eviction night, would you rather flip the vows against the house to help your individual game, or go with the house to help your general alliance?

I will only go for my individual game if I know it will make a difference. So I don’t want to be the person who throws out a vote for someone even though I know I’ll be the only person. Even if it’s helping my game, that’s it truly help my game in the long run? People will choose me and understand that I was that wandering vote. So I will go with my alliance if this helps my game in the long run, I will think long term all the time. So if it’s helping me in the long run, I’ll go with my alliance.

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