Amaka evicted from the Big Brother House

Immediately after the nomination night, Big Brother announced the results are in.

Amaka you have been evicted from the Big Brother Naija House.

She said It was nice meeting you, I love you all. (they were shouting I love you but lowkey na them nominate her oh! this life eh). Phyna bursts into tears

No doubt the whole turning of nomination night into eviction night was made up just to evict Amaka. Amaka is a very strong contender and this is the only way she can be evicted. Considering the fact she was nominated as much as Doyin was nominated but maybe her previous strikes came into play but it was pretty biased and unfair!

She has a strong fanbase and yes it was all a ruse to evict her.

So long Amaka – you’re full of energy.

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