Amaka Ended the Situationship between Herself and Giddyfia

Amaka Ended the Situationship between Herself and Giddyfia

Amaka has had a long-time crush on Giddyfia and seems to have lost all interest in him just within the few days they spent together in the same house. Even though they have been seen sharing hugs and kisses ever since Diana and Giddyfia haven’t been on good terms

As the side talks keep increasing, Amaka felt the urgent need to clear the air by having a sister-to-sister conversation with Diana. Amaka explained that she does not want to have any issues with Diana as their friendship was the most valuable thing to her. She discussed further that she and Giddyfia are just close and have no titles.Amaka Ended the Situationship between Herself and Giddyfia

After a Task Presentation, Amaka had a discussion with Giddyfia where she emphasized that she doesn’t feel compatible with Giddyfia and that suggested they shouldn’t get into something serious. Giddyfia who seems to have no feeling for her agreed with her suggestion easily. This just made it clear that Giddyfia is still in love with Diana, what a love triangle. The discussion was interrupted by Phyna who received a cold shoulder from Amaka.

After the meeting with Giddyfia, Amaka was seen curled up in Diana’s arms where they started gisting and were calling Giddyfia a village man and were gisting.

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