Allysyn Disgusted as she regret the ship Between Herself and Hermes

During the Thursday pool party, Allysyn and Hermes were sighted giving us the couple goals with enough display of affection. The duo seemed really perfect together as they publicly make out, kissed smooched, and were in each other faces at the pool party.

After the pool party, we were shocked to hear Allysyn have a conversation with Daniella where she kept complaining, lamenting, and regretting ever building a ship with Hermes. This keeps us wondering if the phrase “Beware of women” is valid in this case.

During the conversation with Daniella, Allysyn expresses shock as she couldn’t believe she will ever be in a situationship with someone like Hermes. She further lamented saying she wish she never had anything with him, all because he has two serious girlfriends outside of the house. Daniella who was equally shocked at how women can one-minute show feelings and affection to a guy and the next minute brutally express regrets over the feelings just advised her to allow things to be and just enjoy the ride.

Let us be reminded that Allysyn’s first situationship in the level-up house was with Adekunle who she claimed she was with because of security. She also mentioned that she basically with Hermes because of her raw passion

Is Allysyn deceiving Daniella? Will she continue to show her feelings for Hermes? we wonder who would be the next person Allysyn clings to?


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