Adekunle Nominates Housemates for Possible Eviction

As the winner of the Head of House, the rule of the game permits nominating from opposing housemates for possible eviction – in the case of Hermes (week 2 HOH) he was only able to select from the opposing house.

The winner has 30 minutes after being announced as the winner to decide and list out his nominations and to ease the stress Big Brother said he can take ideas and suggestions from his fellow housemates on who to nominate for possible eviction.

At 07:35 PM, the head of the house was called into the diary room. He looked as if he did most of the nominations on his own.

Adekunle though unsure and scared of his choices made five nomination – his confidence was particularly not what was expected and Big Brother had to confirm his choices:

Khalid – I’ll take Khalid because he’s pretty strong, for myself and people at my level to stand a chance Khalid would be my first nomination

Ilebaye – because I don’t really know her well but after the Saturday night party – my fellow housemate had something to say about her approach

Phyna – for all the time both levels interact, Phyna has the energy to hold the team together. If we take Phyna away, the team might crumble

Bryann – he’s a very strategic game player and I think he’s particularly strong (in wager tasks)

Groovy – the few times we’ve been together, Groovy might step up if any of the team’s strong candidates is evicted.

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