Adekunle and Sheggz Engages in a Gbas Gbos Conversation

During the eviction live show, Ebuka popularly known as the vawulence master decided to shake up the level 1 housemates and asked the current Head of House – Adekunle about what he thought about the Bella and Sheggz (Shella) Ship.

Adekunle who seemed like he was anticipating that kind of question quickly but calmly told Ebuka that the ship was a mere strategy to win.

After the live show ended, a confrontation happened as Sheggz told Adekunle about how displeased he was with what he said earlier. In his words, Sheggz told Adekunle that the answer he gave Ebuka didn’t sit well with him as he emphasized that he is really serious with Bella. Adekunle also explained his own point of view and the duo finally resolved with Adekunle agreeing to Sheggz’s point.

Chomzy who was also worried showed concerns that her lockdown partner, Ilebaye might have been evicted. Diana quickly intervened warning her that the game is an individual one and that she should remember to stay focused on the game and avoid distractions.

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