1. I feel blue balls cannot be compared to menstrual pain .. There are various ways to get your self off .. You can jerk off, you can take a shower like the doctor suggested . With menstrual pain, even pain killers can’t help ..

  2. Daddy Freeze ,please should in case of next time ,bring someone that is more matured and has a lot of experience in this topic just like you and we that are from 30 plus of age ,because your daughter has no experience in this topic as we can see and she is only talking base on what she was told or read and even if she do has little experience ,she will not be free to talk her experience in fear of you and we the listeners ,we want someone that we also share their experience without any shame just like you were doing ,not someone that will thinking and be careful of words to say

  3. Above all I feel there shud be communication and consideration from partners when one party needs sex and the other doesn't want .Never be selfish by denying ur partner even when ur not in the mood .

  4. Daddy freeze is actually right about blue balls, its more of a physical ,emotional and mental pain and it's so insensitive to say tk a shower 😮,there re so many alternative than taking shower.the lady can help him release in other ways best communicated amongst each other ,other than shower .

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