A new Ship setting to Sail as Daniella Falls in Love AGAIN

Ever since the housemates were merged together, emotions have been on the rise as different housemates start new ships. Daniella and Dotun were not left out as Dotun was seen showing his vulnerable side to Daniella which made them have deep, intimate, and private conversations.

The emergence of Dotun as the new HoH made things a bit easier as he chose her to be his deputy which implies sharing the same bedroom privately together.

Things got cozier between Dotun and Diana on Day 38 when Dotun playfully hugged Daniella from behind in the Garden while complimenting her on how good she smelled. Later that afternoon, the pair retired to the HoH bedroom for a siesta that Dotun interrupted by waking Daniella up with a kiss so they could start working on the Wager Task.

Dotun also was able to show his romantic side to Daniella with the help of Biggie who gave Dotun some time to see a movie with Daniella.

Today on Day 40, Daniella and Dotun spent the better part of the morning in the HoH bedroom while the Housemates busied themselves with making breakfast. It’s clear that the pair thoroughly enjoy each other’s company.

This keeps us wondering if Dotun gets evicted before Daniella, will she move on to the next person as easily as she has done in the case of Khalid?

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