A new Ship Set to Sail as Chichi Declares Her Feelings for Deji

It’s been only 2 days since Deji has been added to level 1 housemates and we confirmed his claim of saying his good looks draw people to him as ChiChi is already going head over heels.

While Chichi and Chomzy were having a conversation after the HoH game that took place yesterday, She describes Deji with brightly litted eyes as a very handsome man and that she has been crushing on him since his arrival at the house.

Before this conversation sprung up, Deji and Chichi were sighted cozied up, flirting and having an intimate conversation, and were interrupted upon the arrival of Chomzy.

Could this be a beginning of a new ship? Can we start a new ship hashtag #ChiDe or #DeChi?

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