A new History as Chomzy becomes first female Head of House

Chomzy wins HoH

After the weekly game challenge between the housemates, Chomzy has finally broken the shackles as she bagged the first female HoH title of the season.

As usual, it was two rounds battle with fellow housemates where the first challenge was a Dunkwa race and this involved the Housemates using their mouths to pick up a Dunkwa from one end of the Arena and place it on a plate on another end of the Arena.

The Dunkwa Challenge was additionally divided into 2 rounds. The first round involved only the female Housemates, while the second round involved only the male Housemates. The plan was to have the top male and female Housemates from the Dunkwa Challenge compete in the final Challenge for the HoH title. Subsequently, all the male housemates were disqualified as they were declared as not following the rule of the game.

It was only Bella and Chomzy that passed the first stage and they had to proceed to the next stage. The second part of the challenge had the two ladies recreating a reference image with candies. According to the rules of the Game, the duo had to recreate the image with the exact color combination of the reference image. Once this is done, the Housemate who finishes first will raise the test tube containing the candies and yell ‘Head of House’.

Chomzy finished the challenge first and was declared the first female Head of house.  She also became the first HoH of the season to get residence in the HoH Room. As usual, she was made to choose a partner and she chose Eloswag.

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