(8-3-23) LIVE | At the Abuja Court of Appeal as our principal, Mr. #PeterObi, to attend the judgment

LIVE | At the Abuja Court of Appeal, our principal, Mr. #PeterObi, is there to witness the judgment.


  1. Yes what my sister is saying is just the truth,now see oshiomole that call the binis that they're cork when you give them 🌽 he Laughed at the binis and now our people still voted him as old as he is so can you imagine, please let everyone come out and vote for LP let all this greedy old men go and sleep.thank you

  2. When people come on to these platforms they must choose their words carefully and be specific. When they are confronted with their careless use of words they should acknowledge their mistakes, apologise and learn from it. It is not right fir someone to then to come on and try to justify or explain the rationale for the use of such words. Words that can trigger emotions in this sensitive political climate. Please people mind your choice of words. There are some Nigerians who put us in this situation but not to Nigerians .

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