6 Amazing Facts About Phyna

She is an Engineer

After her secondary school education in Edo State, Phyna proceeded to Federal Polytechnic, Auchi Edo State for her tertiary education. She studied Engineering at the institution and graduated with good grades.

First off, it isn’t boasting. I’ll return; I’m a student of engineering. I received the top grade in my class at graduation. I don’t joke about blending entertaining with academics. I’m sweltering up here. On the other hand, just because I decided to speak in deep pidgin and behave in a street-level manner does not indicate that I am incapable of speaking or of speaking well.

Phyna further disclosed that her current voice was not always her voice. She claims that since she started boosting, her voice has changed.

Phyna Hails From Edo State

Even though she was born in Lagos on July 2nd, 1997. Phyna is a native of Edo State, Ekpon Local Government. She is the firstborn in a family of 6.

Growing up for Phyna wasn’t a very smooth journey. Born to a petty trader mum and a transporter dad, her life journey has been characterized by financial struggles, hustles & emotional stress.

With her tenacity of purpose, she kept on pushing through everything life throws at her to get to the level she is right now.

You probably don’t know.

She’s a Dancer

She’s a Hype Guru

Phyna’s love for Entertainment kept direction away from pursuing a career in the Engineering field. She’s been into Entertainment right from her tertiary institution days at Auchi Polytechnic.

In the 2018/2019 academic session, Phyna emerged Auchi Polytechnic’s first-ever female social director. It’s interesting to know that she campaigned under the name “Shaku-Shaku” at the time.

Phyna is also a scriptwriter, she loves writing movie scripts and acting. Overall, Phyna is a die-hard fun and entertainment lover.

She’s a Good Cook

She’s a Comedian

Phyna is one of the most-sought after hype-lady in Nigeria, as fondly called ‘The Hype Priestess of Nigeria.

She took up this profession during her time at Auchi Polytechnic and after her graduation, she has been hyped in almost all big clubs in Abuja ranging from Magic City to Moscow underground to mention but a few.

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